Is There Something Wrong With Me?

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of comments that are starting to make me a bit irritated. At church, we have several new babies and if I hold one (especially since I’m one of the few that can get him to sleep through church), the older women smile and say “that looks so natural” with the inference being that I should start having some of my own now that I’m married. I’ll also get people asking “so are you and Jon trying right now?” Then there are some of Jon’s family members who have remarked that we’ve been married longer than 9 months (it will be 2 years next week) and “where are the kids?” My response: “we’re waiting.”

Don’t get me wrong — I love kids and I do want them someday — just NOT NOW. Our lives are still not settled enough, I could be going back to school this fall or next, and we also don’t know that what I have isn’t Crohn’s disease (they’re not sure anymore) and if it is Crohn’s, having kids could endanger my life because it would cause a flare-up. It is just not a good time to consider having children and hearing from people that “I should let the Lord control my childbearing and fertility” is not exactly helping.

Is something wrong with me that I actually want to wait until things are more stable?

Family Bloodsports

The following innocent games become full contact sports when played at family gatherings:

Scrabble (I’m terrified to introduce Speed Scrabble to them)
Monopoly (my brother is EVIL)
jigsaw puzzles (blows can be exchanged)
Trivial Pursuit (I show no mercy and I am darn good at it!)

These have been the highlights of the last few days.

Highlights of the Last few Days

  • Kicking my brother’s tail at Trivial Pursuit thrice
  • Playing Charades with my family members, especially after a rum and coke and the 20somethings cleaning out the rum and whiskey balls
  • Watching my mom try to act out “The Screwtape Letters” during said game of Charades
  • Teaching Kristin and Sari how to play Cribbage
  • My cousins flying in from North Carolina to surprise my aunt
  • Being with my extended family and getting a chance to recuperate from the move
  • Teaching Kristin and Sari how to crochet
  • Head of Household

    As we spent a large amount of time at the post office while doing errands, we decided to get our moving packets so that we could start working on the (very minimal) paperwork. Well… we filled out a card for each of us (since we still haven’t legally hyphenated our names yet) and faced a conundrum when we got to the third card — the K_____-M_____ card. We had to put the head of household in for the name.

    Jen: So like which one of us is the head of household?

    Jon: I don’t know.

    Jen: Should we like flip a coin or something?

    Uh yeah… we put both of our names in. Jon might be the man of the house but I pay the bills and buy the stuff. (Jon however earns the money.) 🙂