7 Quick Takes: English Placement Test Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

English placement test. Because my school apparently experiences perverse joy in making its students jump through hoops, I had to take an English placement test to get into one of two Communications classes for my program’s requirements. Apparently, my AP test score in English Composition and Literature doesn’t count nor does THE FACT THAT I HAVE A FREAKING B.A. AND PART OF A MASTER’S DEGREE.

So I bit the bullet and went to the testing center this evening and took it. 30 minutes and 20 reading comprehension questions later, the computer spit out the result that I qualify for the highest level English classes they offer.


— 2 —

You know you’re an Accounting geek when… I bribed myself to take the stupid placement test by promising myself that once it was over, I could go set up the Excel spreadsheets for this weekend’s Accounting problem set.

— 3 —

An excuse to drool over office supply websites. The required intro class for my program (that I am taking because apparently *working* as an administrative professional for 12 years does not mean that I am qualified to be one) requires a 6-8 minute presentation on the history of an office supply product of our choice. We brainstormed a list of possible topics in class today and I drew the #1 pick. My choice: datebook/planner/agenda because I want ALL THE PLANNERS. The Plum Paper website makes me giddy. There’s also Kelly’s book.

— 4 —

Birthday? Birthday! I had a fabulous time in Anacortes with my friend on Friday and a lovely time with the evil twin and his long-suffering wife last weekend (a.k.a. The Girl) as well. The Girl was able to leave work early on Friday so they were able to beat some of rush-hour traffic in Seattle and Tacoma to make it up to us in time for dinner. Saturday was the family dinner with them, my uncle, and grandma.

I got enough cash from my parents as a present to get a pedicure so I spent part of my Wednesday doing that while reading one of my textbooks for an online test I had to take for the intro class I was whining about in take #2. (I got a 98 on it which is amazing, given that my instructor writes insanely hard online tests because we can use books and notes on them.) My feet are all pumiced and pretty with sparkly pink nail polish on my toenails! (My mom laughs because it’s the only time I wear pink willingly.)

— 5 —

Memorial Day plans. Plans for this weekend are to go for a walk downtown with my friend/walking buddy tomorrow, go to a therapy appointment afterwards, and… do homework. Yeah… I have a *FABULOUSLY* interesting life. There will probably be things like church, coffee runs, and a few park trips with Daniel interspersed but my instructor this quarter (I have all three of my program-specific classes with her) has joked that she assigns as much homework as she can over holidays because she takes great joy in our suffering. She then adds that we get to torture her right after because she has to grade all of that work.

— 6 —

Monty Python. My Accounting instructor referenced this song in class on Monday.

— 7 —

And because why not? If you’re going to quote Monty Python, you need this one.

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