7 Quick Takes: Pity Party Edition

7 Quick Takes

I pondered writing this at 3:15 a.m. when I was up with Daniel so… here is my pity party of things I’m missing.

— 1 —

Sleep. The kid was up between 1-5 a.m. this morning. 6 more days until he starts school and I can go back to sleep after getting him on the bus!

— 2 —

My massage therapist in Galt. I saw a massage therapist almost the whole time we lived in Galt (2011-2014). It was helpful for my fibromyalgia and she kept my neck and shoulders worked out. I could seriously use her right now!

— 3 —

Obama. I miss having a president who was intelligent, classy, ethical, and *NOT* 45. Seriously, even my diehard Republican friends who didn’t vote for him even miss him!

— 4 —

Sugary cereal. Given that I live with my health-nut parents, Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs wouldn’t be allowed in the house. They’re also pretty much verboten because of my diabetes. However, I’d still give almost anything for a bowl of them.

— 5 —

My Giants being a winning team. Seriously, the freaking DODGERS are at the top of the NL West. Let’s talk about how *WRONG* that is, let alone that my boys are 40 games behind them. My #2 boys (the Cardinals) are only 6 games behind the Cubs so they could still take the division if the Cubs and the Brewers lose some games.

— 6 —

In-n-Out Burger. If you’ve lived anywhere in California, you will understand. They’re better than Five Guys, hands down.

— 7 —

Rain. We’re having an abnormally dry summer up here in God’s Country (the Pacific Northwest) and I’d like a nice rainstorm.

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