7 Quick Takes: BuJo Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

What the heck is BuJo? “BuJo” stands for bullet journaling. It was created by this dude. This is what the system looks like. This is what it looks like if you have design sense and are not OCD about errors like I am!

— 2 —

Wait… what? It’s a combination of a diary, notetaking system, planner, and… stuff. This is what mine looks like.

My monocolor bullet journal.

— 3 —

You do know there are these amazing things called “colors”, right Jen? Yes. However, my erasable pens in colors other than black have bitten the dust, and I’m waiting until I have this amazing thing called “disposable income that is not child support or Daniel’s SSI” to replace them. So, black it is!

But yeah, there’s cool stuff you can buy to make your bullet journal look nifty.

— 4 —

So what do you use for yours? I use this notebook, these pens, and a small ruler. Most hardcore people use this notebook or this one, but I figured I’d go for an inexpensive one until I could see bullet-journaling fit my needs.

— 5 —

So why did you start? It looked cool, and I reallyreallyreally wanted to pretend that I’m capable of cool calligraphy and artsy things. I’m obviously not, but I’m finding what works for me.

I finally made myself start last Friday after I convinced myself that it wasn’t going to get any easier if I waited. I found some spreads that worked for me in this book:

What I read to teach me stuff.

The Amazon link is here.

— 6 —

So are you ever going to do anything cool with yours? Probably. These ideas look kind of fun.

— 7 —

You’re just addicted to stuff on Buzzfeed! Um, ok… *backs away slowly*

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