7 Quick Takes: Endless Doctor’s Appointments Edition

7 Quick Takes

I was remarking to my priest today that I haven’t had a day free of doctor’s appointments since Saturday. Here they all are.

— 1 —

Urgent Care. I got home on Sunday to find that Mom recommended a trip to Urgent Care for Daniel to make sure he didn’t have pneumonia. His class has been living out Tom Lehrer’s song about friendship with a cold, so my precious sweetling was coughing to the point of vomiting.

The Urgent Care doctor’s verdict: it’s a virus. He probably shouldn’t be around immunosuppressed people… like his mommy. Oh well.

— 2 —

Gynecology. Monday was my pre-op appointment before my hysterectomy in October. I was dreading it because I thought there was going to be a thorough exam done. There wasn’t. Instead, it was my gynecologist telling me that he was going to take out everything but my ovaries, when the surgery would be, and how long I would be in the hospital. I then had to sign a bunch of paperwork stating that I knew that this surgery was going to be irreversible and would make me sterile. (The human race never ceases to make laugh.)

— 3 —

Family Medicine. My GP likes to see me every so often to make sure that nothing she has prescribed caused me to sprout a third leg. She is OK with my bloodwork as my diabetes is controlled with medication. I was apologizing that my diet is craptastic, and she replied that I have just a little bit on my plate (a little, you say?) and once Daniel requires less care, we can tweak my diet. OK then! Pass the gummy bears! (Not the sugar-free ones! Those are only for colonoscopy prep.)

— 4 —

Behavior Therapy. No new changes. We’re dropping down to once every week vs. twice a week. We also saw him earlier, so the drive home only took an hour instead of the normal two to three that it takes us at rush hour.

— 5 —

Occupational Therapy. Oh hai, therapy consult! It was an hour of Daniel trying to avoid working well with one of the occupational therapists at the local hospital. She won: he did what she wanted and ended up having some fun. We’ll be working with her to get his startle reflex to calm down.

— 6 —

Radiology. While emailing Daniel’s teacher, I discovered that Daniel’s pediatrician had put in the x-ray request and wanted it done before his appointment this morning, so we went straight from Occupational Therapy to the Lab/Imaging department at Skagit Regional Health’s outpatient clinic building. After two pictures were taken of Daniel’s tummy, we headed to his school to drop him off.

— 7 —

Pediatrics. D’s quarterly ADHD appointment wasn’t until 9:40, so we got to sleep in this morning. Woo. The x-ray apparently showed that my wee bairn’s bowels are full, so we’ll be doing a nice 3-day cleanse this weekend! I am SO excited!!!!! (Yeah, no. I’m totally wishing it was my worst enemies changing those training pants instead of me. Purgatory, here I come! #sinner #pettymamaproblems #jenstopcomingupwithhashtags) In other news, his pediatrician does believe Daniel has ADHD… as does everyone who has to spend any time with him on a regular basis.

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