worker’s comp woes

if i hadn’t realized how much i love jon and how well we suit each other, i realized it last night. i’ve had a really nasty week with problems from the insurance company that is handling my worker’s comp, from my bank as far as what the balance in my account really is, from my co-workers… i was in neurotic tears last night and instead of saying, “jen, i can’t deal with this — call me when things were better”, he sat and listened to me rage on about my problems and then he tried to sing me to sleep. i think i really need to keep this guy. 🙂

i did a bunch of girly home-ec stuff today. i made a feta-pesto-mozzerella calzone for lunch which was awesome and i made pizza from scratch tonight. since we have so much leftover cheese and sauce and pesto, i may just make a lasagna tomorrow morning before work for people to nosh on when they get home. i would also have loved to do some sewing but i’m afraid of breaking mom’s machine since i’ve never been able to thread it well.

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