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i’m reading the devotionals that jon’s mom wrote for this week in “christ in our home” (the elca equivalent of odb) and i’ve gotten to the one she wrote about her cat timothy who is s-p-o-i-l-e-d with a capital “s”. this “young lion” gets all the pampering that he desires and though he thinks he “suffers in hunger”, he is fed remarkably often. he makes my mom’s demonic orange cat look like an abused child. the devotional is based on psalm 34:9-14 which talks about how those who fear the Lord lack nothing.

i just got the “wow worship” cd. it is *soooooooo* good. i really miss contemporary worship when i’m home and i’m blasting it on my cd rom and singing along. it’s a cool way to worship and i really enjoy having music that encourages me while i work. the first cd in the album is probably my favorite since it has all the really good ones like “heart of worship”, “shout to the Lord” (which almost *always* brings me to tears when i sing it), “Father, i adore You”, and “the river is here”. “shout to the Lord” brings me to tears because the lyrics are so powerful and also because it reminds me of my friend steve lazaar who died two years ago. he had been one of my co-leaders for the leland christian fellowship during senior year and he was one of the few people who was really a good friend throughout high school. he died of a massive heart attack two years ago and i am still really struggling to accept his death.

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