this has been an insane day. a somewhat major medical situation for me, finding out that things are going to be ok even though jon and i had been up for half the night panicking, dinner out to celebrate our ENGAGEMENT (!!!!)… as soon as i finish this, we’ll do the rosary together and the offices that we didn’t say today. yes, the two of us do a lot of praying together but praying together is what has really strengthened our relationship. yes… jon and i are now engaged. yesterday was his 23rd birthday and he proposed just after i gave him the fudge cake that i had made him. my ring is a silver celtic friendship knot which is what i wished for since i’m not into extravagant jewelry. (i don’t *know* what i’d do with myself if i had a diamond ring, honestly.) the two of us have pretty much known for the last 6 months that we were going to end up this way. he’s so spiritually strong, so smart, so funny, so kind, so gentle, so compassionate, so wonderful… i’m a happy lepicat. i didn’t get a chance to finish the email i originally sent so i’ve gotten a lot of emails and phone calls asking for details (!!!).

i was reading one of jon’s mom’s devos today and it talked about the importance of staying caught up on devo reading and such. i can attest to this. i feel really weak if i’m behind and i feel really panicky if i don’t pray daily on my own. (jon, who is standing next to me, reading this over my shoulder, says, “great sales pitch mom!!”)