finally on campus

well… it’s been kind of long since i’ve written but things have happened.

i left for oregon on the 23rd and got there (via amtrak) on the 24th. i stayed with jon for a few days and we really enjoyed seeing each other. we’ll see each other next during the first or second weekend of october.

i then took the train to seattle and stayed with my *godmother* laurie for a week. laurie rocks!!! i unsuccessfully attempted to henna my hair, got to see the adorable baby snow leopard cubs, and did other really wonderful things with her.

i then went up to visit my grandparents. i got to see my adorable new second cousin and my little cousins kristen and sari. all three of them are cuties!!! i spent a week in canada and then journeyed home.

from september 12-15, i was at mission santa cruz,which is the pre-school retreat for iv. we did Bible study, a ropes course, some good worship music, and planning for this year. now i’m on campus and fixing to unpack… at least at some point.