Hernias? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Hernias!

The dude was finally “of age” (50 weeks gestation) to have his hernia surgery so we headed down to Great Falls after work on Wednesday. It had been a craptastic day for me so I rewarded myself by experiencing the wonderfulness that is Sonic for the first time. We thought the dude was going to be up all night and scream at us indignantly because he couldn’t have any formula after midnight, but he slept instead. If we’d actually known this, maybe WE would have gone to bed on time and not stayed up on our laptops until midnight.

Surgery was at 7:30ish on Thursday and Daniel charmed the scrubs off his surgical staff. His anesthesiologist talked to us about just doing a coddle block on him (kind of like an epidural) instead of putting him under completely and apparently Daniel’s surgeon agreed so the dude didn’t get to enjoy the joy that is morphine. I thought I’d be freaking out in the waiting room but the only hellish thing was the presence of FOX News on the TV and that was easily blocked out using headphones and iTunes. Surgery went well and when they brought him to us in the post-op area, he was awake and really pissed that OMG-HE-HADN’T-EATEN-IN-NINE-HOURS-AND-WHY-WERE-WE-GIVING-HIM-THIS-WEIRD-SUBSTANCE-CALLED-WATER-THAT-WAS-NOT-HIS-FORMULA?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!? While we were waiting for him to have a wet diaper and be cleared to leave, I enjoyed some seriously great dude time with him snuggled into the crook of my arm. After we got back to the Great Falls Inn, we all took naps after feeding the dude. He was doing so well that day that we went to go see my aunt and uncle later.

We drove home on Friday after stopping by the surgeon’s office to get some Vaseline gauze (seriously the grossest stuff EVER!!!!). The dude had some issues last night — his bowels started moving and he got fed too much and ended up puking on me right after I’d given him his Tylenol. He also aspirated a little bit which meant a lovely conversation with the hospital on what to do. (I swear… I think they play rock-paper-scissors over who gets to deal with me.) The dude couldn’t have any more Tylenol as we weren’t sure what he’d actually kept down so we had a VERY howly little boy because he was uncomfortable. (In addition to the hernia repair, they also circumsized him.)

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