7 Quick Takes: Random Thoughts on Thursday Night

7 Quick Takes

It’s 11:30 and I’m online. Not a good thing for sleep, I guess. Here are my seven random thoughts.

01.) Rachel on Big Brother needs to go… BADLY. The girl is the spawn of Satan and has the horns to prove it.

02.) I so don’t approve of the weather. It was 96 in Sacramento today. I don’t do heat. Enough said.

03.) I wish Blogathon was happening this year. As much as it would make all my health issues worse, I wish I was blogathonning this next weekend.

04.) I can’t believe Daniel went down without a fight. Daniel has started refusing to go down for naps or to bed at night. My policy has been to let him sleep wherever he falls. This means that I’ve found him on top of the coffee table, on the carpet, and on the hardwood floor.

05.) I need to actually do a better job of meal planning for myself. I’m having stomach issues and the last two weeks have been about figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Now that I’m getting a better idea, I should start prepping food ahead of time.

06.) I need to get posts ready for Michelle. I have a lot of ideas but I need to commit them to paper. This would probably work better if I wasn’t so tired all the time.

07.) My massage tomorrow can’t come soon enough. I had a double pain day where I not only had fibro pain but also fatigue pain. I’m counting down to 3:30 tomorrow…

(For more quick takes, go see Jen at ConversionDiary.Com.)

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Random Thoughts on Thursday Night

  1. Just stopping by from Conversion Diary and had to mention that I loved the description of your blog (and your blog itself) and had to mention that I completely relate. It’s 12:53am here and I think I need to seriously start considering finding an effective way of making.myself.go.to.bed.

    Also, I don’t do heat either. Ugh. Nothing a good iced coffee won’t fix though 🙂 Great quick takes!

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