Lenten Worship Music (V)

Today’s music is the song “Down in the River to Pray” made popular by the film O Brother, Where Art Thou?. I first heard it at a seminary potluck being held in someone’s room and had to have it. Since then, I’ve heard it done by gospel choirs and sang it at church camp during Vespers next to Flathead Lake. I love the simplicity of it as well as the fact that it can be extended indefinitely by adding people being invited to go “down in the river to pray”. Another reason I love it: it’s one of the songs I sang to Daniel during our PICU experience last year and that I probably sang to him in the NICU during our post-bath cuddles one night.

Some words on the history are here.

I have a YouTube video of the song with images from the BBC. The singer is Allison Kraus.

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  1. I’d never heard that before. That was NEAT! And the pics were cool too.

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