Long Long Ago…

in a galaxy far far away… (OK, it was Los Gatos. But anyway…)

My brother (left) and I (right) in our grandparents' laps.

I’m the sleeping one on the right. We’re 3 weeks old — I know because it was taken at home and I was in the hospital for the first three weeks. (Preemie + twin = NICU for a week and then local hospital to put some weight on. My brother went home after only 3 days.)

I celebrated today by sleeping in until 10:30 (in the living room with Daniel climbing on me — I didn’t even register it) and then going to the local town festival with my parents (who came up from San Jose). We also stopped by the local Relay for Life to see church members who were there. The evil twin (Sean) and my sister-in-law came over at 5:30 (she had schoolwork to do) and we had dinner (a Mediterranean orzo dish) and brownies (not special ones — this is northern California but my mom doing the baking) for dessert. It was good to see Jeanette (the sister-in-law) because we’ve missed her this quarter when we’ve had gatherings at our place. I’m hoping she has a lighter load this summer (if she goes) and this fall.

Meanwhile, the bear child is asleep and I’m hoping Jon goes that direction. Allergies in the Sacramento area have been insufferably awful and Daniel had the combination of no nap/stimulation/sun/allergies today. He was a cute boy but definitely needed his 8:00 bedtime.

Right now, I’m making boxty for church tomorrow. We have our end-of-the-year Sunday school potluck and one of our Confirmation kids suggested an international theme. Being the good Irish Lutheran I am, I decided on boxty because colcannon makes me sick. (There’s some bad juju between the two of us from when I was pregnant with Daniel.)

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  1. Bappy Hirthday! No, that’s not it. Dappy Hirthbay! Flappy Earthday! Sappy Mirthday! Lappy Firthday!

    Hope it was a good one, and I’m sorry this greeting is late. =)

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