7 Quick Takes: Assembling Furniture and Other Events This Week

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Brexit. So the UK just voted to leave the European Union, Scotland voted to stay in, and Ireland is talking about unifying.

Yeah, I think the next Mad Max film will have something to do with the British Isles.

— 2 —

Furniture assembling. My IKEA furniture arrived on Tuesday so I spent Tuesday night and Wednesday assembling the furniture. I got 4 pieces of furniture assembled, managed to hammer a wire nail into one of my fingers, poked another finger with another nail, and hammered one of my thumbs. Given that my fingers are grumpy and stiff right now, my mom might want to hide the flamethrower for another few days until everything is assembled and my boxes are completely unpacked.

— 3 —

Prerequisite baseball take. The Giants are 6 games ahead of the Dodgers in the NL West standings. Just sayin’.

— 4 —

Required basketball take. I’m from the Bay Area so OBVIOUSLY I was watching the game on Sunday… and booing the Cavaliers like mad because LeBron James is seriously lame compared to Steph Curry and the Warriors still had a better regular season than the Cavs could ever hope to have. It was a close game to the last minute and I’m looking at seeing what the Warriors can do next year!

— 5 —

The Senate sit-in. Y’all, I’m proud of the Democratic Congresscritters for their sit-in (especially as it was for an actual issue instead of Ted Cruz’s filibuster which was purely for the sake of filibustering and not for any discernible reason) but seriously, singing “We Shall Overcome” was a bit too campy. Could you pick a more appropriate song?

— 6 —

Oooohhh… flannelgraph. The Babylon Bee story about Trump aides hurriedly teaching him Bible stories ahead of his meeting with evangelicals sounded a whole lot like the truth instead of satire. Again, just sayin’.

— 7 —

A big reason to move to Washington. It’s been chilly and rainy here for the last few days and every so often, I’ll look at my phone and thank my lucky stars that I’m not in northern California or southern California where it will be in the 90’s or in the 100’s in the next few days. I seriously prefer cold to excessive heat. I have found my tribe up here.

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  1. I am so glad that I was not drinking anything when I read your Mad Max comment on Take 1. I clicked over to the Babylon Bee and immediately started laughing. There is some great satire on that site. I hope your fingers feel better.

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