{five favourites}: Miscellanea (LXXVII)



This list of 8 things to stop doing for your kids. Everything on this list is something I was expected to do on my own when I was a teenager and even before as a middle schooler. Seriously y’all, it’s all doable and I’m even working with Daniel (and have been since age 5) on things like putting laundry away and picking stuff up so that by the time he’s 18, he’s able to do a lot of stuff on his own even if he’s not headed to college or living independently.

And on the subject of #3 on the list, don’t fill out your kids’ college applications or financial aid paperwork. If they belong in college, they can fill out their own applications, write their own admissions essays, keep track of their own deadlines, learn to read loan documents, and fill out the FAFSA themselves. I know that I had to do all of that when I was applying to schools at this time of year back in the late 90’s. (My parents did give me tax information for the FAFSA and financial aid paperwork but I had to fill out the forms myself.) I mean, we had to fill out college applications my sophomore and junior years for the college and career unit we had!


This video from Kristina Kuzmic. Seriously, YOUR KIDS ARE ALLOWED TO BE MAD AT YOU. If your kid is your best friend, you’ve got a problem.


Office supply stores. Staples is my idea of heaven. I love all the notebooks and pens and the potential that they have and the ideas for what to do with them and and and… Even the college bookstore’s notebook and school supply aisles make me happy.


Sleep. My kiddo actually *SLEPT* last night. I am joyful. Really. I am. I’m just not awake enough to express it yet.


Rain. We got some rain last night. It was glorious to listen to while working on things.

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