{five favourites}: Miscellanea (LXXVIII)



“Cantus” by Connie Dover. This piece is so beautiful that it’s bringing me to tears, y’all!


This post from Kelly. I don’t care what she says — Kelly is an exceptional mom.


This presidential debate “yoga” game. I definitely think doing this will be better than large quantities of alcohol in the long run.


“Immanuel” by David Wesley. If you like Peter Hollens and you like Christian worship music, you’ll like him.


“Build Your Kingdom Here” by Rend Collective. This is one of the songs I listen to when I need a pick-me-up.

Go love up Bonnie, DeBalino, and the others.

1 thought on “{five favourites}: Miscellanea (LXXVIII)

  1. Thank you for the great music! i liked them all, but particularly the Rend Collective. Their instruments and sound really move me.

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