7 Quick Takes: Needeh Grey Kitteh Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Needeh kittehs. Homer is being excessively needy today, which is something considering how needy he is normally. He has been on my lap a few times today and is currently causing me to type this one-handed so I can pet him.

— 2 —

Helping house panthers. If you’re a lover of the black kittehs like I am, go here to look at cat pictures, help with psychological research, and help the black ones (who are the least likely to be adopted) find homes.

— 3 —

Penguins, man. I had to laugh when I got this Facebook message on my wall this week…

Penguins, man.

— 4 —

For all you poetry lovers out there… I tested this on a couple other Emily Dickinson poems just to be sure. 😀

Emily Dickinson to the tune of a well-known TV theme...

— 5 —

Prayer request. If y’all could pray for a special intention, I’d be seriously happy. Please and thank you!

— 6 —

Ouchie! I went to the beach on Monday in new water shoes that were not tight enough on my heels and between all the sand and water that got in there, I ended up with some pretty foul blisters. They’re bad enough that I’ll be in flip-flops for at least the next few weeks.

— 7 —

John McCain. Samantha Bee put it best when she said last year that an election is usually between two fundamentally decent people with a difference of opinion. (Obviously, 45 is an exception to this rule.) John McCain is a decent human being who has served his country both in the military and in Congress. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time. (He is also one of only two Republicans for whom I have voted — I voted for him in the primary in California in 2000 to try and knock Bush Jr. out of the race.)

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  1. For #4 – the melody of “Yellow Rose of Texas” works too. And now you’ll never be able to read another one of her poems without trying to sing it….

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