7 Quick Takes: Musical Nostalgia Edition

7 Quick Takes

I shared some songs yesterday in my Daybook entry that bring back memories of middle and high school. Here are some more…

— 1 —

“Strong Enough” by Sheryl Crow. Given my struggles with anxiety and depression for the last ~25 years, this is a favorite of mine.

— 2 —

“As I Lay Me Down to Sleep” by Sophie B. Hawkins. This brings back memories of watching MTV and VH1 after school during my sophomore year of high school.

— 3 —

“One of Us” by Joan Osborne. Apparently, the Catholic Church hated this one. I liked it because I thought it asked a good question.

— 4 —

“Tubthumping” by Chumbawumba. I remember being at a party with my friend Sara when I was visiting UCSC where people were literally taking a whiskey drink, a vodka drink, a lager drink, and a cider drink while listening to this song. Being the good little 17 year old I was, I was sipping my Coke and watching amusedly.

— 5 —

“Dreams” by The Cranberries. My hairdresser was actually the one who introduced me to them. One of her other clients liked them.

— 6 —

“Two Princes” by Spin Doctors. They were playing this on the dinner cruise that I was on when I went to DC in 8th grade. Jon and I worked out the table grace to this tune 10 years later.

— 7 —

“Zombie” by the Cranberries. This song has a special place in my heart because I’ve been to Belfast and Northern Ireland.

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