31 Days of My World As It Is Sung: Autumn Quick Takes

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— 1 —

Surprise surprise. This is just proof that… CLEVELAND’S SPORTS TEAMS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suck it, Elena!
(HT: Yahoo Sports)

I guess I can go back to fully hating the Yankees now…

— 2 —

What the eff?!?!?!? An African-American man swings a flashlight at a white supremacist trying to spear him and another man with a Confederate flagpole, gets kicked to the ground, beaten almost to death… and is charged with a felony in his own beating. I swear, I am not making this crap up and IT IS PISSING ME OFF!!!!

— 3 —

Definitely autumn. It is seriously too freaking cold in the mornings and I’m going back to bed and falling back asleep because I’m trying to get warm. Alas, this is screwing with my productivity. *grumps*

— 4 —

Some hopeful “news”. It turns out that the supervolcano below Yellowstone National Park could spring to life quickly, erupt, and destroy life as we know it. Yeah… been hearing that on the Discovery Channel for 10 years, Fox News. Oh wait… a UFO has been spotted above it? That’s actually slightly more believable than the normal crap y’all report.

— 5 —

Harvey Weinstein. This is an excellent piece on why women don’t fight back or speak up when they’re harrassed.

— 6 —

How pro-life of him. 45 is threatening to pull hurricane relief efforts from Puerto Rico. Apparently, he doesn’t like being told that his measly efforts are craptastic, and that throwing a roll of paper towels at people or purposely misprounouncing the island’s name is immature.. Cry me a freaking river, dude. 80% of the island has no electricity and people are homeless. I know you didn’t carry the territory in the 2016 election (are they even allowed to vote for the president?), but they deserve the same level of relief that Texas and Florida are getting.

— 7 —

One more baseball take. I’m waiting with bated breath to find out who gets to knock the Losers in LA out in the NLCS. C’mon Cubbies! Mama wants you to go on to #BeatLA!!!

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31 Days of My World As It Is Sung

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