7 Quick Takes: Snarksgiving Edition

7 Quick Takes

It’s 1:30 a.m. on Black Friday and I’m up with stomach upset. (I hate Thanksgiving food for a reason.) Since I’m feeling grumpy about my icky tummy, here are the things that I am snarkily thankful for this year.

— 1 —

$tarbux cups. Because apparently, $tarbux is engaging in a massive conspiracy to erode family values by putting two hands holding each other on their Christmas cup… and those two hands might belong to a lesbian couple! I’m making sure to patronize them as *MUCH* as possible because I believe in doing my part to piss off the Religious Right at the expense of my stomach lining. 😀 (I can’t actually drink hot coffee, even diluted with milk, so my mom has been getting LOTS of coffee bought for her since the controversy started.)

— 2 —

45’s blunders. Having a complete moron as president has done *WONDERS* to bring the Democrats together and even bring some Republicans over to our side because they don’t want to be associated with our imbecilic president.

— 3 —

Living in a navy blue part of a blue state. My state has bit its thumb at 45 and his minions, and thankfully has legislation in place that would likely protect Daniel and me from any havoc 45 tries to wreak upon our lives.

— 4 —

Actual weather. Rain and strong winds are *FAR* superior to the boring sunshine and heat in southern California! (I will take the rain any day over 100+ F heat.) When I lived down there between 2010-2011, reading the L.L. Bean catalog used to depress me because I missed real autumns.

— 5 —

My sub-par Target. Having such a dismal Target in the area has made me more interested in patronizing Fred Meyer, a more local option.

— 6 —

The Women’s March. I never knew how awesome it was to wear a hot pink hat with cat ears while pissing off fat white men in MAGA hats until now! Not to mention, 45’s inauguration was a tiny crowd compared to the *MILLIONS* of people who marched on *SEVEN* continents.

— 7 —

My lack of sleep. It necessitates extra creativity on my part.

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