To the gentleman standing outside the post office with the “Abortion Is Satanic” sign:

You claim that God told you to stand outside a busy post office with that sign and I tend to doubt this. Why do I doubt this? Because the post office is not an abortion clinic and when I suggested to you nicely that you tone down your rhetoric, you attempted rudely to mansplain the issue to me.

Nope… I don’t have a pro-life story at all…

Me post-partum.

None at all…

Me with my squirt on Day 2 of his life.

Dude, I live the pro-life story on a daily basis with a kid who has been described by an ex-family member as “the Planned Parenthood poster child” (this person will be out of my life soon) and who was the deciding factor in me becoming pro-life. Yes, abortion is horrible and I pray for an end to it… but it isn’t as black and white as people on both sides make it out to be. I know people who have had them because it was their only option at the time, who were raped and become pregnant as a result, and have had conversations with them where they have shown me their very raw sadness because they know I will listen. When these women see signs like yours, their shame surfaces again and much of their healing is undone. Don’t do that to them.

Telling me that I am of Satan and that I need to read my Bible more does not indicate that you are right. It indicates that you are behaving like a rear sphincter opening and wouldn’t know the voice of God even if God was standing next to you screaming at you with a megaphone. God hates abortion, but God loves the woman who has one and yearns for their return to Him and to wholeness. Your actions undo all of that.

Hugs and kisses,

The pro-life “Satanist” who refused to abort her baby and who almost died carrying him