7 Quick Takes: Advent Music Edition

7 Quick Takes

Quick Takes didn’t happen for me last week because of not feeling well. (I was off all of my allergy meds and my migraine preventative for allergy testing.) Kelly is on a blogging break for Advent (except for this piece of news!!!!!) so I’m being a bit lackadaisical about getting my Quick Takes up “on time”.

I could talk about my feelings on Doug Jones winning the Senate race in Alabama this week (hint: it’s relief, not unbounded joy and desire to rub it in people’s faces), but I think I’ll do the non-controversial option and blog about my favorite Advent music. (I will probably write a stand-alone post on the Senate race but I’d like to be able to sleep tonight and politics tends to be an upper for me.)

— 1 —

“Gaudete” by Anúna. Technically, this is a Christmas carol. However, it’s Gaudete Sunday this weekend so I’m including. Anúna is one of my favorite groups for interesting arrangements so I’m using Michael McGlynn’s arrangement.

— 2 —

“Prepare the Way, O Zion/Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus” by Miserable Offenders. Rob, my priest’s husband, introduced me to Miserable Offenders at choir practice when we were preparing “What Is The Crying At Jordan?” for church last Sunday. I love how they’ve arranged these two hymns together even though I prefer Hyfrodol for “Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus”.

— 3 —

“Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord” from Godspell. Godspell is Jon’s favorite musical so I’ve watched the movie version quite a few times and I used to listen to the soundtrack during Lent while I was at work in 2008. Helen, my priest, has a similar sense of humor to mine so we may or may not have ended up having an impromptu Godspell singalong at the end of worship on Sunday.

— 4 —

“My Savior’s Love Endures” by J.J. Heller. The Magnificat is one of my favorite passages to read, pray on, and sing. I happen to love this setting of it.

— 5 —

“Come, Oh Redeemer Come” by Fernando Ortega. My dear friend Thomas introduced me to this song four (?) years ago and I adore it as I adore most of Fernando’s music. It embodies the feel of Advent beautifully.

— 6 —

This setting of the Trisagion prayer from the 1982 Hymnal. My church in San Jose used this in place of the Gloria during Advent in 2015 and I am quite enamored with it. I love the minor key and being connected with 1500 years of praying with the Church when I sing it or say the much longer prayer. (A more modern version by Fernando Ortega can be found here.)

— 7 —

“Sleepers Awake” by J.S. Bach. This is one of the three Bach chorales I hear most frequently and it’s one that immediately relaxes me when I hear it. The hymn “Wake Awake for Night Is Flying” is interspersed in it and I sang it twice with My church in San Jose. (I’ve been blessed with all of my church choirs to get to do some amazing choral music.)

For more Quick Takes, visit Kelly at This Ain’t The Lyceum in a couple weeks.