7 Quick Takes: QuickBooks Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

QuickBooks Take #1. This class is not going badly, but its organization could be improved. My instructor wants us to read and do the review before we do the in-class lecture on Monday… but the reading doesn’t work well if you aren’t actually *DOING* the work along with it. People are having a bad time with the review questions because it’s a book where you learn the material by doing it.

I need to email my instructor about it, but I need to acquire some tact first. (Let’s just say that I’m still a bit crabby about the screw-ups with the Payroll Project last quarter.)

— 2 —

QuickBooks Take #2. Other than my issues with the organization of the class, I’m enjoying my work with the actual software. There’s a fair amount of data entry, but I don’t mind that.

— 3 —

Awww yassss… This is what a pro-life workplace (that is, one that embraces people having children) looks like.

— 4 —

DACA. DACA is a huge issue where I live because of our migrant worker population, and I have classmates who are “Dreamers”. Let me just tell you… they are some of the hardest workers and I would hire almost all of them in a heartbeat. (They always have themselves together and they can function seamlessly in two or more languages.) They are also my favorite students to tutor because they are always polite when asking for help and consistently ask good questions.

Seriously, I wish the path to citizenship was easier for them because they are socially active on campus in positive ways, and embody the American Dream. They are the antithesis of the foul stereotypes that 45 and the Republican Party spread about them.

— 5 —

Choral music take #1. We’re putting this together for the offertory in a few weeks. I love Schutz, so I’m excited.

— 6 —

Choral music take #2. This is our piece for Sunday (Good Shepherd Sunday). It’s not the most sophisticated setting of Psalm 23, but it can be put together in a few minutes with a small number of choir members. (We’ve got 2/3 of the soprano section traveling or sick, one of our altos is traveling, and one of our basses is sick.)

— 7 —

My current earworm. My go-to music for homework these days is bluegrass and the Wissmann Family is a recent discovery. I’ve got this song stuck in my head.

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