7 Quick Takes: German Earworm Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

My current German earworm. I blame Bego Johnson for sharing this video of a performance of Agnes Scott College’s Sotto Voce women’s ensemble 7 years ago for this being my current earworm.

The Toronto Children’s Chorus Chamber Choir recording is the one I’ve found that has the purest tone and sounds most like what I grew up hearing. (My mama is responsible for my Baroque music addiction.)

A good translation of the German can be found here. (It’s number 2 on the list of parts of the cantata.)

— 2 —

More lovely music. This is our anthem for Sunday. (My recommendations from the nice folks at YouTube are getting very interesting.)

— 3 —

Tutor Tip #1. If you’re going to sit in tutoring and make nasty remarks about how horrible your instructor is, you might not want to be sitting in their class and making bitchy remarks to the people around you while your “horrible” instructor is lecturing on this week’s homework assignment that you are claiming not to understand. (I had emailed my homework in before class and ghosted class that day to avoid this person, so I heard about it after the fact from a couple of my friends who had the misfortune sitting next to the chatterbox.)

— 4 —

Tutor Tip #2. If you ask someone for help, do not argue with that person when you don’t like his/her answer. People will leave the room when you walk into it because they do not want to deal with you.

If you do that to your tutor (who is helping you because he/she gets paid to do so and loves his/her job), you will be referred to your instructor for assistance and your instructor will be told WHY you are being referred to her for help (my department has all female staff), especially if you have just screamed the tutor into a puddle on the floor. Your tutor will then respond sweetly with the words “you need to talk to [Instructor]” every time you ask them for help because your tutor does not get paid enough to deal with you screaming at him/her. (My boss and the instructor in question have both explained to me that people are not allowed to yell at me and that I am completely within my rights to tell the offending person to leave.)

— 5 —

Tutor Tip #3. Your instructor is not docking you points because she hates you. Your instructor is docking you points because you did not follow the instructions on her clearly-defined rubric. Telling your tutor this will result in being told that “you will know better for next week!” in a cheerful voice. (Your instructor puts these instructions on the rubric in bold formatting because she grades 120 files for just your class alone every week, and she does not want to play hide-and-go-seek with your file.)

— 6 —

Tutor Tip #4. If your tutor is giving you instructions, taking notes on the instructions will cause your tutor to praise you to the heavens when your instructor walks through… and your instructor will go to her office to retrieve her gold star collection to give you one. (I kid you not — the instructor actually did this. The person being described is someone I will go out of my way to help when I am actually not on duty because he/she is polite, comes prepared EVERY TIME, takes beautiful notes, and asks questions that include the steps he/she has tried to find the answer.)

— 7 —

Tutor Tip #5. Saying “please” and “thank you” to your tutor will make their day so much better. (I am thankful that most people I tutor will say those two things to me.)

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