7 Quick Takes: Stationery Edition

7 Quick Takes

With me getting back into penpalling, I have been looking for stationery. It used to be everywhere and I’m pretty sure that email and text led to a lack of need for it. I’ve been looking everywhere for it, even Hobby Lobby where I *NEVER* shop because they are utter hypocrites about their pro-life stance. (If they’re so concerned with being publicly pro-life, perhaps the lion’s share of their products shouldn’t come from a country with a forced abortion policy, eh?) Hobby Lobby has some, but I don’t want to shop there and decided to go online to search.

Here is what I have found:

— 1 —

Hallmark. It’s a no-brainer that Hallmark would have some. The problem: there isn’t one near where I live. (Near being “within 20 miles”.) Thankfully, I can order it online!

— 2 —

JetPens. JetPens has pens of different natures, but also letter sets, envelopes, and cards. I have a wishlist going there of things that look interesting.

— 3 —

PaperArts. I think this site is nice because you can order things by the piece instead of as a set. They have so many different kinds of paper that could be used for scrapbooks or letter writing.

— 4 —

Muji. Muji is another Japanese site with a stationery section. They seem to be pretty inexpensive which is nice.

— 5 —

Amazon.Com Amazon has a selection of Chinese stationery and plain stuff. I think that if Amazon doesn’t have something, it may not exist!

— 6 —

Tokyo Pen Shop. In addition to pens, this site has a bunch of different color options for stationery and it’s cute stuff.

— 7 —

Etsy Etsy is another no-brainer. There are handmade cards and interesting prints. Some sites also have a template you can download for a few dollars and use to print out your own pretty papers.

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