7 Quick Takes: Stunned Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

So, um, this happened. I received an invitation to the Honors Reception this year because I was receiving something. I had no idea what it was and thought it might be grades-related or something. Let’s just say that I was completely stunned when it was announced that I was receiving this:

President's Medal

— 2 —

An explanation. Apparently, my GPA was noteworthy and I met some other criteria that I have yet to find out. I’m one of 21 students in my graduating class who received it. I have been instructed to wear it when I graduate next week.

Redacted medal

— 3 —

Some more pictures. Here’s a medal selfie and a picture of me with my dad.

Car selfie
Me and Dad outside of McIntyre Hall

— 4 —

My last final. I got 6 of the 7 documents in rough draft form for my Document Production final while I was stuck outside the house today. (Mom was polishing the hardwood floors today, so we all got banished until early afternoon.) I have a report to key tomorrow, and then I’ll spend the weekend proofing them and trying to make sure my formatting is correct. Getting the medal is pushing me to finish strong. The highest I’ll get in the class is an A-, but I’ll at least keep my killer GPA if I focus on getting at least 90/100 on this final.

— 5 —

IBS. I started feeling queasy on Tuesday and having some stomach pain, and I’ve been fighting the less fun aspects of IBS for the last two days. Eating is hard enough already and I’m having to find things that are not making my stomach cranky. My coffee habit doesn’t help this and I’ve been pushing the liquids because it’s in the 80’s with humidity here, so I also face the threat of dehydration. Thank goodness for Starbuck’s Pink Drink!

— 6 —

My plans. I’ve had people ask about what is coming next for me. Daniel *STILL* needs to start his biobehavioral stuff and that won’t be until later this summer. I’m also looking at a likely hysterectomy, so I’m having to figure out that in addition. It looks like I’ll probably start applying for jobs around November, and I’ve got some tax-preparation training that is possible this summer and fall.

A parishioner joking asked me that now that I’ve won the President’s Medal, what am I going to do? My response: “I’m going to take a nap!”

— 7 —

Huh. Kelly provides some food for thought today with her ponderings about blogging as a side hustle vs. blogging for leisure. Go read it. Do it now.

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