7 Quick Takes: Why You Should Support My Fundraiser for RAICES

7 Quick Takes

I’m using my Camp NaNoWriMo novel to raise money for RAICES. If you don’t think what’s going on at the southern border is atrocious, read this. If you are feeling helpless in this situation, read this.

— 1 —

Because RAICES is actually on the ground and working in this situation. RAICES stands for Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services. According to their “About Us” page:

RAICES is a frontline organization in the roiling debate about immigration and immigrants in the world. As an organization that combines expertise developed from the daily practice of immigration law with a deep commitment to advocacy, RAICES is unique among immigration organizations. A diverse staff of 130 attorneys, legal assistants, and support staff provide consultations, direct legal services, representation, assistance and advocacy to communities in Texas and to clients after they leave the state. In 2017, RAICES staff closed 51,000 cases at no cost to the client. Our advocacy and commitment to change are driven by the clients and families we serve every day as our attorneys and legal assistants provide legal advocacy and representation in an immigration system that breaks apart families and leaves millions without pathways to legal status.

In other words, they provide the services necessary to help the situation.

— 2 —

Because I need people to kill off interestingly in my novel. It’s a murder mystery and I’ve had people ask to be killed off interestingly every time I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo. Starting the second time I participated, I’ve asked for a donation to charity in exchange for me making that person one of my victims. We’ve had drive-by scythings, we’ve had someone killed by poison in the chalice during Communion, we’ve had various types of tainted food, someone has spontaneously combusted on a waterslide… (Apparently, I need to find a friend group that doesn’t like slasher movies?) If I didn’t have people to kill off, I’d have to start killing off characters based on people I actually like.

— 3 —

Because it helps out people who are in an impossible situation. People don’t randomly decide to leave everything and walk through multiple countries to get to a place. For example, my dad’s family left Ireland to escape the famine, got to America where the harbor was closed to their ship, sailed up the St. Lawrence River into Canada, and came across the border from there. (I’ve actually seen my great-great-grandfather’s citizenship papers where he forswears his loyalty to Queen Victoria, who was the monarch over Ireland at that time as Ireland was part of the UK.) Our currently impossible citizenship process was much different at the time, or I would probably be writing this from somewhere in British Columbia.

— 4 —

Because the ones suffering the most are children. Some idiot on Fox News made the comment that it’s not like this is happening in Idaho and that these are not OUR children. I find that statement reprehensible. Imagine your child being taken from you and put in a place like that. THESE KIDS DID NOT ASK FOR THIS TO HAPPEN TO THEM! We as a country have a horrible history of doing this with the babies of slaves (they weren’t the babies of the slave-owning families) and Native Americans (we sent them to boarding schools where they were severely abused and forced to give up their culture). WE NEED TO BE BETTER THAN THIS!

— 5 —

Because our Lord commands us to not abuse foreigners. Here is an article that lays all of that out beautifully with Scriptural citations. Also, people get hissy about helping Syrian refugees because they’re Muslim… so I hope those people (misguided as they are) might consider helping because THESE REFUGEES AND ASYLEES ARE CATHOLICS.

— 6 —

Because it’s personal for me. I know a family who was separated and united. The son was sent to Texas, the husband was sent to Arizona, and the mom was sent to Washington. She somehow ended up in my area and came to my church. With the help of the Diocese, we were able to get legal help to get everyone back together. The family is lovely and the son is doing spectacularly in school in the local dual-language immersion program.

— 7 —

Because it’s fun. You get to pick how you die and I will send you whatever I write about your death. RAICES gets necessary funds to do the amazing work they do and can help in this situation, while you get a small piece of fiction written about you.

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