My First Anniversary

This morning, a couple with whom we sat last night at the wedding reception gave us roses. I seriously almost cried — they are such wonderful people. We were prayed for during the service and during the peace, people started congratulating us. I talked to both sets of parents who called to say “Happy Anniversary” and Jon and I stayed in and chilled this afternoon and evening. We are both exhausted from Saturday and this morning, so it’s been a really quiet evening.

We just watched the wedding video and I could see the points at which I was almost in tears while reciting my vows. I am such a sap! (Jon was in the same position, so I wasn’t the only one but still…) It’s amazing to me that it’s been a year!

Mean Dean offered to let me have the Sunday sermonette (well… after I begged politely) so you can read my reflections on this day here.

Bedtime for me! (My bengal tiger cub is rebuking me for still being up. CATS!!!!)

This Ain’t In My Pastor’s Wife Contract

Last night, Jon and I attended the rehearsal dinner of a couple that is being married this afternoon at the church. I went basically to sit in on a meeting in Jon’s place but ended up staying for all of dinner. Then, as I was lurking around the rehearsal, the bride begged me to be the wedding coordinator and make sure the wedding party can get into the church at the right time. My response: “Ummmm… sure.”

This afternoon, I checked in with the bride and her mother and let them know where I was in case anybody needed anything. A few minutes later, the bride and her mother showed up at my door apologizing profusely because I had been left off the guest list for the reception… which I actually wasn’t even supposed to be on in the first place. (Jon was invited because he’s clergy but I don’t think he was planning to attend because he’d be coming home to me.) I told them not to worry and I’d check with Jon to see what his plans were and sent them off to finish getting ready.

The irony of all of this: my (1st) wedding anniversary is tomorrow. 🙂 A year ago, *I* was going through all of this. My mother is going to laugh when she hears this.

Job Search

I heard from the moderator of the church where I interviewed. They filled the position. Am I hurt? Yes. Am I pissed off? Yes. Do I understand why I didn’t get the job? Uh huh. I was honest and tried to paint the fact that I am outta here in 5 months as best I could; but the reality is that I’m only here for a short while more. They said I was the most qualified one to apply but they kept grilling me on how long I’d be there.

I’m printing and sending 5 more resumĂ©s today. Maybe I’ll get an interview granted for one and maybe that’s the job God wants me to have. I am not feeling called at this point to crawl back on my hands and knees to Drug Emporium, nor am I feeling called to apply to Wendy’s for 5 months.

Oh yes… the next person who says “Well… maybe God has something better for you” will be shot. Thank you.

A Good Weekend with One Setback

This weekend has been mostly good. I did a dialogue sermon with Jon on St. Patrick and it was a hit at all three services. The performance of “Some Enchanted Evening” by the Licking County Players raised almost $1700 for the Heating Fund. (The church really needs a new heating system.) The Irish Potato Bake was a success and raised quite a bit for the Licking County Food Pantry. It’s about 50 degrees warmer than it was earlier this week and absolutely beautiful outside.

The Setback: Someone came in and stole the offerings from the first two church services this weekend and the money raised last night for the heating fund. It happened some time between 10:00 and 11:30 and it really spoiled the rest of the Irish Potato Bake. I’m furious about this not because of the offerings stolen (even though those go to pay Jon’s stipend), but because they got the heating fund money. Jon’s supervisor Bill and his wife Judy subsidized the performance and Judy was actually the musician. These are two very giving people and it pains me that their gift to the church was stolen. Bill was in shock and I’m not even sure he ate lunch today. I seriously hate this — Bill has really tried to make sure that Jon and I have been comfortable this year and he’s been almost a father to us in a lot of ways; and I hate that something like this has happened that seems to have wounded him.

I would be more than willing to put another $30 (the price for our two tickets) toward the heating fund because last night’s performance was worth far more than that. If everyone there did that, we could probably raise the money again and there would be something to go to the fund. I know that the church has been really trying to figure out how to pay for the new heating system, including not having an intern for a few years, which would put a great deal of stress on Bill as the parish really does need an intern.

I know I shouldn’t let this ruin my weekend, but I am so angry that this theft happened.

Entertaining People

Jan, a woman i my church choir and I were talking at Christmas and she and I decided that we really needed to do lunch after the New Year. Well… today was the day we finally got around to doing it and it was wonderful. I made Mediterranean Orzo (email me for the recipe) and Spinach Salad for lunch and she brought some Italian bread. We had a lovely talk and I showed her the wedding pictures. I actually love to cook and it was great finally having someone to entertain. As much as I like my alone time during the day, contact with people is really nice.

Not A Good Day

I had to wait 3 hours to see my OB/GYN this morning because she had to deliver a few babies. My cyst is gone thankfully and all is good with Jen’s health again.

I came home and found that my evil health insurance company will not cover Jon’s scalp cyst from 2 months ago because it’s a pre-existing condition. Yeah… one that he developed WHILE we were covered by them. I also finished the CARE application to send to the hospital.

Jon went to pick the car up from the mechanic and brought it home only to find out that it wouldn’t start. (There’s an electrical problem with a turn signal or something.) So… it’s being towed half a block to the mechanic and we keep our rental car (which was out-of-pocket) until tomorrow. This weekend, we depend on the kindness of strangers and on Monday (when the car had to be back in anyway), we get the turn signal replaced and hopefully the electrical system fixed. As soon as Jon is back from the mechanic, we’ll go to the post office to run errands.

I’m lucid and calm (right now) but I’m just wanting to have a few months of nothing happening.