Interview Meme Questions

OK… these are the questions for the three people who responded on time.

For Nikkiana:

1.) You live in New Hampshire and seem to have a great deal of pride in being a New Englander. What is your favorite thing about growing up where you did?

2.) What got you involved in the local Christian music scene?

3.) You’ve talked about wanting to have a classical Christian education for college. What attracts you to that kind of focus in your studies?

4.) What got you started blogging?

5.) If you could get 5 performers (dead or alive) on stage for a concert, who would they be?

For Ellen:

1.) What has been the strangest experience that you’ve had while living overseas?

2.) What got you so fascinated with the former Yugoslavia?

3.) Sometimes languages have words that are either really cute or have literal translations that describe the object in a really strange way. What is your favorite Bosnian word like this?

4.) How many times have you seen U2 in concert? Which time has been your favorite?

5.) What is the strangest thing about coming back to the States to visit?

For Dave:

1.) You’re Canadian, which means that you stereotypically live in an igloo and travel from place to place by dogsled. You interact with moose and beavers on a daily basis and say “eh” at the end of every sentence. What are some of your favorite stereotypes of Americans (now that I’ve listed every Canadian one that I can think of)?

2.) What is “ideajoy”?

3.) If money was no concern and you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do?

4.) You live near Calgary. Are you into rodeo stuff? Have you been to the Stampede?

5.) Why do you blog?

Y’all have your questions. Have fun answering them and remember to put the interview meme blurb at the end of your responses!

Life at Casa K-M

I’ve been fighting a strange stomach ailment since Friday. Jon and I had gone out to lunch at Fazoli’s and something in my meatball sub did not do great things to my stomach. I’m not sure if it was food poisoning (I wasn’t vomiting) or if it was the cheese on it (as I’m lactose intolerant) but something really did something to me where I was having stomach pain and was having problems eating. Other than the Wendy’s hamburger and fries I had last night (since I was starving and really craving meat because it’s that time of the month), I’ve been living on ginger ale and crackers. I’m hoping this isn’t something more serious and that I can get my system back to normal soon. I’m having dinner with my cousin tonight and we have a BBQ tomorrow, and it’s gonna look strange if I’m barely eating. It might also be stress as in the next two weeks, I’m starting a new job, finding out where we’ll be going, and having to start planning out the move.

I start my new job in a week. I’m still in shock that I actually have the job because I basically gave up in mid-July, figuring that I would just have to do all the prep stuff to be a substitute teacher. I need to learn Access this week and my plan is to put the stuff for the dinner/auction into Access to do things like keep track of donations and keep track of hours.

In the midst of all of this, Jon and I are trying to make the time between now and September 18th go faster. We’d really like to know where we’re going to be next year and also how soon Jon has to meet with whatever bishop drafts him because that will probably determine when we will be moving. As much as I trust that the Lord will send us someplace wonderful, I’d kind of like to know so I can start applying for jobs, seeing what the substitute teaching requirements are, seeing what the community is like where we might be living… We’ve already drafted a list of what needs to be done before we move. Some of it is simple like sending address change cards to our credit cards and all. Some of it is more complicated like getting utilities going at our new place. We also don’t know if we’ll have a parsonage or if we’ll merely have a housing allowance and have to go find somewhere to live. *sigh* Lord, work in my Jness because I really am wanting to know some details with the Plan here…

Oh yes… those who want to be interviewed, please respond to the “Interview Meme” message by 6 pm EST today. I’ll post the questions tomorrow.