Parking Lots Are Evil

We were trying to park in a really tight space at Meijer today and I accidentally nudged someone. We parked about 20 feet away and before I went in the store, I stopped to survey the damage. Other than a few small scratches and a turned in reflector, the damage was nothing more than a few tire marks. (I’m thinking that if I had some paint the color of the car, I could have quickly fixed it — it was that minimal.) I decided to just go on with my shopping and so Jon and I got the lasagna supplies. On the way out, I decided to go back by the car and see if it was still there. The owner was standing in front of it with a Meijer security person and I asked what had happened. She was screaming about hit and run and the police having been called and I’m thinking “Oh crap…” because apparently, they got me checking the damage on video.

I confessed that I had hit the car and had come back to get the license plate number (well… I’d wanted to see if the car was still there and if it was, I was going to leave a note –I’d written down the license plate number for my reference and my conscience) and I explained what had happened and that I hadn’t thought the damage was too severe. The fact that I owned up to it diffused the situation (as did my offer to baby-sit the car until the police came because the woman had to run to the bathroom) and she thanked me for being honest. The police did their thing, we called our insurance agent who politely explained that our rates might jump a little (maybe $30 for the 6 months if that), and we headed home. One nice thing: the lady said, “I really can’t fault you for this too much because I have a 17 year old and a 19 year old” and proceeded to tell about the things they had done to the cars.

Moral of the story: ALWAYS leave a note. It will save you having to talk your way out of a possible hit-and-run charge. I was going to go back to the car (honest) but I should have left a note right off the bat. I still feel awful because it’s the 3rd fender bender on our record in a 3 month period (2 of them mine).

Other than that, all was good today…