The Bishop’s Draft

Tomorrow is the Bishop’s Draft in the One True Church. This determines Jon’s placement for a parish. I am right now how I always am in these situations.

Please lift up prayer and very good karma.

-The Management


We got the assignment today and it is…


Region 3: Southwestern Minnesota Synod

The Problems With Translation Errors

In the sermonette for b4G, I wrote that:

[Jesus] certainly was not guilty of treason (the main reason He was up there in the eyes of the Romans) because He had not said that He was the King of the Jews — others had.

Amongst the feedback I received was this comment from Ian:

I liked your article about the Cross on b4G, but there’s one factual error: Jesus did say He was the King of the Jews in Matthew 27:11.

OK.. this was a surprise. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t make a mistake. I mean… I was the Hermione Granger of my seminary classes — I *tutored* people in Greek and Hebrew while taking the beginning classes and I also know the Word really well. But… I’m a broken and fallible human and mistakes are always possible. So… I decided to check Matthew 27:11 in all the Bibles I had available to me (that I could read). I marked the passages “Affirmative”, “Vague”, and “Vague towards Affirmative”. Here are the results (click on the more… link to see everything):

New International Version: “Yes, it is as you say,” Jesus replied. (Affirmative)

New American Standard Bible: Jesus said to him, “It is as you say.” (Vague towards Affirmative)

The Message: Jesus said, “If you say so.” (Vague)

Amplified Version: Jesus said to him, You have stated [the fact]. (Vague)

New Living Translation: Jesus replied, “Yes, it is as you say.” (Affirmative)

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