On The Road Again…

I went to Shelby this morning for a haircut and to drop off my paperwork with Shelby Public Schools. Well… turns out my hair appointment was earlier than I expected, so I just dropped stuff off at the school district office and went back home.

I called Chester to find out about fingerprinting and they told me to just go to the sheriff’s office and they could do it for me. Well… I drive 20+ miles there to find that the sheriff can’t accomodate me because there’s only one deputy who can do it and he’s out. So… I called Shelby to ask if they could do it in an hour (which is about how long it was going to take to get from Chester to Shelby) and they said yes. So… I truck 45 miles back to Shelby and a nice deputy fingerprints me. All in all, I think I drove 75 miles for 5 minutes of fingerprinting. I’ll have a parishioner take it over to the schools for me.

Tonight, Jon had a council meeting so I did some baking: gingerbread cats. I have kitty cookie cutters and I got this recipe oof of AllRecipes.Com. I only made half a batch and got 7 cats out of it — I think 2 batches should yield enough for Ke to decorate.

I also realized that I needed a life when I started drawing out plans for how I’d build a gingerbread house and decorate it — making everything from scratch. I never wanted to be Martha Stewart and I’m afraid that I’m turning into her!!!!!!!!!!! *runs screaming*