Oregon: The Good, the Bad, and the Emotional

OK… just got back from Oregon. In true ::Meditatio:: style, here’s my rundown of it all.

The Good
[+] Seeing parts of my family again that I haven’t seen in more than 15 years.
[+] Seeing some old neighbors again, especially since I’m essentially an adopted daughter. 🙂
[+] Meals with 12-20 family members.
[+] Banana coconut frappucinos every day.
[+] $tarbucks and breakfast in bed on Sunday. (Thanks Mommy!)
[+] Playing in the surf in Lincoln City.
[+] Bush Park in Salem (where my former neighbors retired to and where they are uber-involved in things).
[+] The C terminal at Sea-Tac.
[+] Playing in Ritner Creek with two very adorable little boys.
[+] “Desire of the Everlasting Hills” by Thomas Cahill. (Re-reading it for the first time in 6 years.)
[+] Family picture slideshows.
[+] Climbing over gates and through blackberry bushes to get to the house where my grandfather grew up.
[+] My brother’s reading of High Flight.
[+] Making it through “Let All Things Now Living” at the memorial service without crying.
[+] Blackberry green tea frappucinos from $tarbucks.

The Bad
[+] Being allergic to the entire state of Oregon.
[+] Wicked PMS.
[+] Grass pollen.
[+] Stupid meth makers who have forced states to require the signing over of one’s life to get a flipping box of Claritin.
[+] Prickliness of blackberry bushes.

The Emotional
[+] Saturday morning.
[+] Speaking about my grandfather and the letter I was putting in the tacklebox.Â? (My grandfather’s ashes were buried in his tackle box. Believe me, it was very fitting.)
[+] Listening to various family members speak on Saturday morning, especially my cousin’s kids.
[+] Sitting with crying family members.
[+] Watching planes take off and land at Sea-Tac this morning. (My grandfather was a pilot for the U.S. Navy and then for United Airlines for 30+ years.)
[+] The poem my cousin Sari wrote for the funeral service. (She couldn’t read it so it was placed in the tackle box.)
[+] Everyone taking a shovel full of dirt and placing it on the box.
[+] Saying good-bye to everyone yesterday.

'Ich liebe dich Opa' is 'I love you Grandpa' in German

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  1. Love you, Jen. I’m so glad that among all the tears there were loving, happy times and good memories made.

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