Life Happens

Let’s see… what has happened in the last week or so…

[+] Jon got his new laptop. With birthday money from both sets of parents, Jon was able to get a laptop of his own from Dell (with me using my employee discount from my [employer who cannot be named]). It’s been a good thing — he’s been able to customize it and I don’t have to share any more!

[+] The dude had his 4-month Well Child exam. At his exam on 8/27, he was 11 lbs 1.5 oz which is pretty respectable. His growth curve is perfect and he’s at about the 50th percentile for a 2 month old which is what he is gestationally. He got two of his shots that day which did not make him a happy little bear and he got his other shot this last Tuesday. His hernia surgery is scheduled for the 11th and everything seems to be set for that.

[+] I had my annual exam right before Daniel’s appointment and unfortunately, I didn’t fare as well. My bloodwork came back crappy (not unexpected) though they finally caught my thyroid misbehaving so I’m now on Synthroid. I honestly can’t tell you if it’s working yet or not because I was dealing with a nasty migraine this week and felt like cat spit anyway.

[+] We made arrangements to fly to [undisclosed location] in California to interview at the end of September. We’ll stay with my in-laws (more like Daniel can stay with them and bring us if he wants) and hopefully see some family and friends out there.

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  1. Generally from my experience and what I’ve been told, you can’t tell if Synthroid is working until you’ve been taking it for at least 3 weeks regularly. It takes awhile for it to kick in.

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