Will I Ever Update Consistently????

The run-down of the last 15 days:

[+] Daniel ended up in the ER on the 13th. He was coughing badly and spitting up. Our chief of medicine (whom I loathe and would rather die than see) was on duty and to my surprise, he actually had a small semblance of a bedside manner. He ordered some bloodwork and an x-ray and found that Daniel was probably just still dealing with having the breathing tube down his throat… except that he wasn’t intubated!!!! (Not that Dr. Ego listened to me…) He gave him some antibiotics to ward off anything that could be there.

[+] On the 14th, I was home with a sinus infection and had just been to see the doctor. I was stopped in front of the Dash Inn waiting for someone to pass so I could turn left when a woman plowed into me at 30 mph, knocking me into the other lane and parking lot. It’s good that she ended up pulled over across the street because I was seriously going to rip her head off. My car was unquestionably totalled — the back end was smushed in to the point that the back doors were stuck in the frame. I was in complete shock and the firemen and paramedics decided that it would be really good to take me to the hospital. I was in the ambulance with HER (the person who hit me) and one of the little kids in her car.

I was stone-silent the whole way to the hospital — I was just SO mad. I mean, it’s just a car and THANK GOD I DIDN’T HAVE DANIEL WITH ME but I loved the car and it meant independence for me because we live in the middle of nowhere. The doctor I’d just seen (Dr. SuperCool) the new osteopath at the clinic) was on call and she was like “I just saw you….” She ordered x-rays and checked me out. The x-rays came back clean for my back and neck and she gave me some Darvocet with Skeletax to deal with the pain and relax the muscles down.

Currently, I’m waiting for the MHP to send over the paperwork so I can get the police report to my insurance company. HER also apparently doesn’t exist in most forms so nobody has been able to get ahold of her to get insurance information, making this whole process more complicated.

On the 23rd, I was having really bad neck pain so I went back to Dr. SuperCool and asked her for some OMM. It was an *interesting* experience but it worked wonders and I haven’t had much pain since.

[+] Jon had a call interview in California so we flew out on the 24th with Daniel. He traveled really well and my in-laws greeted us at the airport with signs, ribbons, and balloons. They also got us In n’ Out for dinner. My sister-in-law and I got pedicures the next day (thanks to my wonderful father-in-law) and we got to have hang-out time with Daniel’s godparents (well… one set) and their daughter Emily who would be our god-daughter if they believed in infant baptism.
The interviews on Saturday went well (I think) and the people were really nice. Jon preached two services on Sunday and the call committee from [the-church-who-must-not-be-named] came to see him. The best part of all of this was watching my father-in-law and Daniel bond — there were some definitely cute moments. My evil twin and his fiancÃ?e also flew down for Sunday and so they got to meet Daniel.

2 thoughts on “Will I Ever Update Consistently????

  1. It’s been a busy time. Hope everyone is doing better. When do you hear back from the California people?

    And I had no idea you had a twin.

    • ummm… probably a couple weeks?

      and yes, i have a twin. he’s my polar opposite: male, tall, not religious, works for the legal department of a mortgage company. his fiancÃ?e is my clone however.

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