Dispatches from the [Undisclosed Location]

I’ve been in my undisclosed location since Monday night (can we just say desperate need of R&R that I haven’t been able to have since before Daniel was born?) and it’s been good. I was able to have coffee with Abra (who is also Daniel’s godmother)and today, I was able to sit at Posh Bagel and have lunch while reading and people-watching. I’ve been able to go for walks, something that I can’t do in Montana because of the current weather as well as the lack of sidewalks and such and I’ve been able to enjoy being around my family — it’s the first time I’ve been “home” in 3 years.

This is all good stuff because after some respite, Jon and I will probably be filling out call papers to head wherever God wants us to go next. Meanwhile, we’re moving to southern California to be close to family, friends, and just in a civilized environment with things like specialists in fields that apply to us (i.e. psychiatry, rheumatology for me, and possibly perinatalogy). As much as I dislike southern California, it’s offering us things that we don’t have in Montana or even up north with my parents: childcare options that do not involve daycare (*insert explanation of preemies and daycare risks), friends OUR AGE with whom we can go do stuff, family… We’ll assess our needs for the next parish and I think it will be a better time for us if we can take this time out and be normal people for awhile instead of the strange category that we fall under as clergy and clergy spouse.

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  1. It sounds like you are finally going to get to take a breath and regroup in a safe place. I’m really glad for all of you, and suspect that your southern CA family is smiling at the thought of having you closer.

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