The Simple Woman’s Daybook: October 2, 2016

For Today… October 2, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. It was allegedly 70F but felt colder. It’s down in the 40’s right now.

I am thinking… about what to write tonight for the Write 31 Days challenge.

I am thankful… that my boys (the Giants) clinched a play-off spot. (Yeah yeah yeah… the Dodgers clinched the NL West but I don’t give a crap about that.)

One of my favorite things… Tillamook ice cream.

I am wearing… jammies. Church clothes were my indigo shirt, black slacks, my black cardigan, and black flats. I traded the flats and slacks for jeans and a hoodie after church.

I am creating… Excel files to submit to my Excel teacher.

I am watching… The Big Bang Theory re-runs.

I am hoping… my boys win the NL Wild Card game!

I am learning… how to do T accounts and various kinds of financial statements. I have a test on Tuesday!

In my kitchen… Mom made stroganoff and apple pie tonight.

In the school room… Daniel continues to do well and his teacher is smitten with him.

Post Script… Here are some American foods that foreigners find absolutely disgusting. I knew about some of these from the various exchange students that I interacted with in two of Jon’s parishes.

Shared Quote… From Nadia Bolz-Weber several years ago:

Reporter from the Grand Forks Herald: “what would you say to the folks who think that tattooing the body is a desecration of God’s temple”

Me: “that they should for sure not get any”

A moment from my day… I was telling someone about Tim Hawkins’ “hand-raising church” schtick today.

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3 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook: October 2, 2016

  1. This is fun! As a Brit married to an American, I can agree with most of the foods on the list (how can those slices be cheese?! and HOW does one eat a sandwich like that?!), but I do thank the US for invented peanut butter – yumm 😀

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