The Simple Woman’s Daybook: May 13, 2018

For Today… May 13, 2018

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. It was positively gorgeous with temperatures in the 70’s F.

I am thinking… about various classes.

I am thankful… for worship at church today. My heart overflowed with joy and it was amazing.

One of my favorite things… Tillamook ice cream. It’s on par with Graeter’s.

I am wearing… jammies. Church clothes were my little black dress with a green denim jacket over it and black flats. Other clothes were jeans, a charcoal-colored t-shirt, and flip-flops any time I left the house.

I am creating… inventory records in QuickBooks.

I am watching… various episodes of World’s Strictest Parents.

I am hoping… tomorrow isn’t too grueling.

In my kitchen… salmon, potatoes, asparagus, and salad for Mother’s Day family dinner.

In the school room… he’s kicking butt and his language is exploding.

Post Script… God forbid someone should *gasp* barbecue at a lake while being African-American! Thankfully, this ended well, but there are so many cases where it doesn’t.

Shared Quote… “You stand with the least likely to succeed until success is succeeded by something more valuable: kinship. You stand with the belligerent, the surly, and the badly behaved until bad behavior is recognized for the language it is: the vocabulary of the deeply wounded and of those whose burdens are more than they can bear.” — Greg Boyle, S.J.

A moment from my day… My first Mother’s Day nap in the NICU

Naptime in the NICU

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