7 Quick Takes: This Week’s Accomplishments Edition

7 Quick Takes

It’s been a bit crazy this week with the holiday on Monday, so I thought I’d make myself feel better by listing what I got accomplished.

— 1 —

Got Daniel’s school supplies. Due to the teachers’ strike and a few other things, we got Daniel’s school supply list a few days late. That was rectified with a trip to Fred Meyer on Tuesday.

— 2 —

Got some doctor’s appointments scheduled. It’s a neverending process here.

— 3 —

Found an internship. I’ll be proofreading a textbook for my favorite instructor. She’s on sabbatical this quarter and it’s my last one, so I had been bummed not to be taking a class from her. I’m glad I get to work with her!

— 4 —

Washed a ton of puke laundry. Daniel has an issue with puking if he’s had his tube feed while lying down, kind of like him refluxing it. It means that I have to make him sit up… when he REALLY doesn’t want to do that because he’s falling asleep. Let’s just say that I’ve been dealing with some foul behavior as a result.

— 5 —

Wrote instructions for Daniel’s g-tube for school. The school nurse had kittens when he found out that D has a g-tube because the nurse is only there 1-2 days per week. Cue me having to write a page of background on WHY he has it, what I expect from them (try to get him to eat something by mouth and call me if the tube comes out), as well as an explanation of WHY I don’t want the school nurse putting anything in the stoma if the tube comes out. Fun times.

— 6 —

Did my vial challenge. If you get allergy shots, they have to do a “vial challenge” anytime they mix a new vial to make sure it isn’t going to send you into anaphylaxis. This means no allergy meds, antihistamines, or meds that act like antihistamines (like my migraine preventative) for a specified period beforehand. (For me, it’s 3-4 days depending on the medication.) Thank goodness it wasn’t during peak allergy season for me!

— 7 —

Cuddled a mischievous black kitten. My mini panther has been wanting to nap during the day and sleep on my chest at night. Anything for you, Minion.

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