The Simple Woman’s Daybook: September 11, 2018

For Today…

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. It was sunny today, but I’d be happy with rain again.

I am thinking… about the church mission statements I have been researching for the Vestry.

I am thankful… for the naptime I got today, considering that I’ve been getting up at 6 to medicate my kid and do his morning tube feed.

One of my favorite things… cold drinks. I prefer pretty much everything I drink to be cold year-round.

I am wearing… jammies. Clothes for today were a green shirt and dark wash denim capris.

I am creating… characters, places, and plotlines for my NaNo piece.

I am reading… Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again by Rachel Held Evans. It’s the chapter on Deliverance Stories and I’m enjoying it immensely.

I am hoping… I can get my internship paperwork together sooner than later.

I am learning… how to keep Daniel from puking up his feeds.

In my kitchen… Dad made sauce and pasta from scratch a few nights ago. It was awesome.

In the school room… Daniel is back to school and loving it.

Post Script… This is fun to watch.

Shared Quote… “Of course, the fact that a single biblical text can mean many things doesn’t mean it can mean anything. Slave traders justified the exploitation of black people by claiming the curse on Noah’s son Ham rendered all Africans subhuman. Many Puritans and pioneers appealed to the stories of Joshua’s conquest of Canaan to support attacks on indigenous populations. More recently, I’ve heard Christians shrug off sins committed by American politicians because King David assaulted women too. Anytime the Bible is used to justify the oppression and exploitation of others, we have strayed far from the God who brought the people of Israel out of Egypt, “out of the land of slavery” (Exodus 20:2).” —Rachel Held Evans

A moment from my day… The altar flowers on Sunday in memory of my grandfather whose 100th birthday would have been Thursday. Ich liebe dich, Opa.

The altar with the flowers
A close-up of one bouquet
A close-up of one bouquet

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7 Quick Takes: Flag Etiquette Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Srsly 45? Why yes, I *am* going to weigh in on 45’s insult to the late Senator John McCain by not putting out an executive order to have the flag at half-mast until after the senator’s burial. There are websites dedicated to flag etiquette. There are people in the administration whose job it is to advise 45 on these things. Apparently, he decided to wait a day before issuing the order because he clashed with the late senator on various things, saying that he was “not a war hero”. The family has even asked that 45 not attend his funeral, though I’m pretty sure former president Barack Obama will be there.

Excuse me? The late senator actually *SERVED* his country and underwent torture as a POW in Vietnam, which is a heck of a lot more than Cadet Bonespurs did. Shame on you, 45! Once again (even though this happens almost *DAILY*), you are an embarrassment to the office of the President.

— 2 —

Because I clearly don’t have enough on my plate. I’m doing NaNoWriMo again and plan on killing off the people who are getting on my nerves or who have gotten on my nerves in the past. (Some people were dying yearly or being used as the bad examples in my NaNo pieces during the 5-year streak of me participating between 2009-2013.)

So… I kill people off creatively in my pieces every time I do it in exchange for a charitable donation. This year, I’m asking people to make a donation to Heifer International. Let me know you’ve made the donation and how you want to die, and I will make it so in November.

— 3 —

Music if it was in color. This is one of my favorite Bach pieces and it is interesting to see what it looks like pictorally.

— 4 —

Houseguests. Jon is out from Ohio to visit Daniel and we had a nice drive to Bellingham today to hit up Trader Joe’s. The two of them also hit up our favorite park today and will be headed to the Children’s Museum tomorrow.

— 5 —

Minion. I never expected to have to tell a cat to stop batting my Confirmation cross. (I also now know that it wasn’t Daniel that knocked a ton of my stuff off my dresser.)

— 6 —

Awww… This is stinking cute!

— 7 —

Prayer request. Please pray that the teachers in my school district have a contract before school starts next Wednesday. (They voted to strike if they don’t have one.) I have a kiddo who REALLY wants to go to school!

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: August 19, 2018

For Today… August 19, 2018

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… smoky. We’ve got smoke coming in from all directions and it’s cloudy with a yellowish tint. My throat has been really aggravated by the air, but I guess it’s the new reality thanks to climate change creating drier summers.

I am thinking… about the metaphorical spinning plates I have on sticks that I’m balancing en pointe on one foot. In other words, I have a number of things demanding my attention that I am trying to balance, and I’m feeling the stress of it all.

I am thankful… Daniel’s incision does not seem to be infected per the ER doctor last night and the surgeon I spoke to on the phone this morning. I’m still keeping a close eye on it until we have our post-op appointment with general surgery on Tuesday.

One of my favorite things… cold drinks on a warm day. I currently have some Pure Leaf Raspberry Tea next to me.

I am wearing… navy blue fitted shirt and jeans capris. Church clothes were my turquoise/black/white bokeh dress with a black camisole and black leggings underneath.

I am creating… a g-tube blog (still putting it together).

I am listening to… my mom yelling “Kitten! NO!” from her bedroom. I’m pretty sure a certain black beast is going to be deposited in my room for reflection time. Silly Minion!

I am hoping… to get decent sleep tonight.

I am learning… what is normal and not normal with g-tube discharge.

In my kitchen… my dad made pasta from scratch and meatballs for dinner.

In the school room… my school district is still bargaining with their teachers over a contract.

Post Script… this is a cute story.

Shared Quote… “While Christians tend to turn to Scripture to end a conversation, Jews turn to Scripture to start a conversation.” – Rachel Held Evans, Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again

A moment from my day… our choral prelude this morning:

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: August 14, 2018

For Today… August 14, 2018

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. It’s late and I’m fighting insomnia.

I am thinking… about Daniel’s g-tube, the situation going on with my church, and the fact that I’m hungry.

I am thankful… for so many things:

  • Daniel’s g-tube surgery going well
  • The amount of support I got at Seattle Children’s as a parent
  • That my kiddo wasn’t the sickest one in the unit
  • Being home in my own bed with clean sheets and clean jammies
  • Daniel’s tube feedings going well today/yesterday
  • My silly black monster who is berserking around my room and bouncing off the walls

One of my favorite things… the softness of Minion’s fur.

I am wearing… jammies.

I am creating… a blog to talk about g-tube adventures

I am listening to… parts of Fauré’s Requiem that I sang 15 years ago with St. Paul’s choir.

I am hoping… all of the kiddo’s feeds go well tomorrow.

I am learning… how to ensure the kiddo gets his full feed every time.

In my kitchen… I did a baked potato tonight that was lovely.

In the school room… Daniel goes back to school the Wednesday after Labor Day.

Post Script… something on depression, worship, and liturgy from a former colleague of Jon’s.

Shared Quote… “I’m no longer a slave to fear. I am a child of God.” — No Longer Slaves from Bethel Music.

A moment from my day… this offering from the late Rich Mullins.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: August 6, 2018

For Today… August 6, 2018

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… sunny. It’s in the 80’s and I’m in my dark room with the shades drawn to cool things down.

I am thinking… about Daniel’s G-tube surgery on Wednesday morning.

I am thankful… for my favorite vet happening to be at the clinic today for a staff meeting and crashing Minion’s appointment with my other favorite vet. It was wonderful watching Dr. Fischer feeding Greenies to my little demon one by one out of her hand while Dr. Matt examined him and did the shots. (I cannot say enough positive things about Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic. They caught Jethro’s thyroid tumors in time to treat them, gave Homer another week of life, and love my little black monster so much that he has groupies when he comes in for vet visits.)

One of my favorite things… my black beast. I’ll miss him while I’m down at Seattle Children’s with Daniel.

I am wearing… jammies. Clothes today were a charcoal shirt from Old Navy (I have three) and jeans capris from Kohl’s. I have such a short inseam that my capris are more like clam diggers on me. #shortpeopleproblems

I am creating… a packing list for the hospital.

I am reading… Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again by Rachel Held Evans

I am hoping… all goes well with Daniel’s surgery on Wednesday.

I am learning… all about G-tubes.

In my kitchen… I had a turkey florentine meatball from Haggen for dinner tonight.

In the school room… one month until school starts. Daniel can’t wait.

Post Script… the page for a US agent for International Pen Friends is here. I’ve been a member for close to 30 years and I cannot recommend them highly enough for anyone who wants to find their kids a pen pal or who wants to find one for themselves.

Shared Quote… “The Psalms are, in a sense, God’s way of holding space for us. They invite us to rejoice, wrestle, cry, complain, offer thanks, and shout obscenities before our Maker without self-consciousness and without fear.” ? Rachel Held Evans, Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again

A moment from my day… One of my favorite choirs doing one of my favorite Bach pieces.

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7 Quick Takes: G-Tube Prep Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

G-tube take #1. We saw Daniel’s nutritionist on Monday. He had lost about 1 lb in the last two weeks, but that could also be as a result of clearing out some constipation. (Pleasant topic of conversation, I know.) It was a smaller drop than the last time so no immediate hospitalization, but it created more of an impetus to get moving on the G-tube. R will be doing his inpatient nutrition care, so at least I know part of my team already.

— 2 —

G-tube take #2. We met the anesthesiologist (love her!) and surgeon (really love her!) on Tuesday. We like both of them. The only problem: the surgeon wants him to be inpatient for a week prior to up his nutrition to give his incision a better chance of healing. That throws a wrench in my life, but not a huge one. I’m not taking any in-person classes this summer and I’ve lived on hospital units with this little monster before, so it’s doable. The only downside is missing Minion a whole lot because I obviously can’t take him with me.

— 3 —

G-tube take #3. Daniel’s gastroenterologist (Dr. No) called yesterday and wanted to admit him THAT AFTERNOON. My response: “No.” When I was questioned as to why I would question her ruling, I explained that I had a doctor’s appointment today (Thursday) that I had been waiting for 6 months and that would impact my ability to function if I didn’t keep it. Dr. No also explained that they would be starting out with him doing nutrition by N-G tube, which is just about the stupidest idea on the planet… which has been pointed out by me, the physician assistant working with Dr. No, Daniel’s nutritionist R, Daniel’s surgeon, Daniel’s regular pediatrician, and just about anybody who has spent more than 15 minutes with him on a meh day.

I may or may not have excavated a new rear sphincter opening for her during our final conversation yesterday (yes, there were several — I don’t think she likes me right now and I couldn’t care less), at which point I **FINALLY** found out that he’ll be admitted on Saturday afternoon and where I get to go for this. (Seattle Children’s is YUGE… bigly even!) She also told me that they *sigh* will have a back-up plan (a PICC line) and enumerated the risks of said plan. (While she was pontificating, I was rolling my eyes so hard at the phone that they fell into the floor of my car because I am familiar with PICC lines… especially since my kid HAD ONE FOR TWO MONTHS in the NICU and my former father-in-law had one for several years.)

I should point out that Dr. No is not incompetent — she’s quite brilliant — but she doesn’t quite get autism well and doesn’t understand that my child is more of a cranky 3-4 year old than a 9 year old, so he isn’t going to be cooperative and leave his N-G tube alone.

— 4 —

MY appointment. I finally got my neurology consult today and it was… intense. My neurologist is lovely (though very high energy and intense) and gave me credit for having a mind (yay!). She’s doubling my migraine preventative, sending me to sleep medicine (I very likely have sleep apnea), putting me on magnesium, and a few other things. My only criticism is that she told me that my stress level would improve if I meditated… which makes me stabby because my stress level would improve if I wasn’t largely managing my medically interesting kiddo with special needs on my own while also trying to finish my degree and be a functional adult.

— 5 —

Duuuuuuude… I just got the news that my dear friend Richard has been elected as Moderator of the United Church of Canada. Having known him for 16 years through blogging, I can honestly say that there is no better person for the job. Congrats, my friend. I am so incredibly proud of you.

— 6 —

Huh. Does anyone else remember all the McDonaldLand commercials? There were toys too apparently.

— 7 —

My earworm. I’m feeling like Armenian choral music today.

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7 Quick Takes: Minion Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Cat take #1. So this little monster came home with me on Monday. I named him Minion because people plotting global domination (like myself) need minions.

Minion the Cat

Isn’t he cute?

— 2 —

Cat take #2. Minion has decided that he is the same size as our remaining cat Jethro (Homer’s brother) and should charge him and pounce on his tail.

Yeah, Jethro is at least 3-4 times his size and could eat him for a light snack. To his credit, Jet has only smacked him twice and both times were deserved.

— 3 —

Cat take #3. Even with the arrival of Minion, we are still really heartbroken over losing Homer on Sunday and there are still tears shed almost every day. Homer was Jethro’s littermate, became my snuggle buddy when I moved in with my parents in October 2015, and was my homework helper. Minion isn’t a replacement for him and prayers are needed for us as we deal with our broken hearts.

I will say, however, that adopting the little beast the day after losing Homer is helping our hearts a lot. He has taken over Homer’s sleeping spots and he is a snuggly little monster.

— 4 —

Let’s just put this one to rest right now. I’ve had to share this page from Snopes.Com on multiple Facebook posts this week, so let’s just be clear:

Neither Clinton nor Obama passed legislation separating children from their parents at the border. Furthermore, asylum seekers are treated differently than normal immigrants. Lastly, illegal immigration is at a historic low, meaning that THERE IS NO CRISIS AT THE BORDER OTHER THAN THE ONE MANUFACTURED BY 45.

Are we clear?

— 5 —

Strangely believable. This is fabulous. It’s a comedian listing off things his fans reported not being allowed to watch as children.

— 6 —

Cat take #4. My mom just came in holding a little black kitten and asked if I had mentioned to him that the “no kittens on the table” rule applied to the kitchen table as well as the dining room one. Apparently, Minion was disavowing knowledge of that part of the rule.

Silly little monster!

— 7 —

Earworm. You’re welcome!

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