Me? A Hipster Christian?

Taking a cue from Rich, I took this quiz. My result was:

Your Christian Hipster Quotient: 66 / 120

Low CHQ. You probably belong to the purpose-driven, seeker-sensitive, Hawaiian shirt-wearing Christian establishment, even though you are open to some of the “rethinking Christianity” stuff. You seem to like edginess in some measure but become uneasy when your idea of Christian orthodoxy is challenged by some renegade young visionary who claims the virgin birth isn’t necessary.

Yeah… I’m totally into traditional worship and would probably be Antiochian Orthodox if I wasn’t Lutheran. You know… incense (oh wait… allergic to that), standing for 3 hours (oh wait… can’t do that either because of the fibro), bowing/kneeling, acapella music, 1500 year-old liturgies…

I’m sure some Orthodox wear Hawaiian shirts.

I also would rather burn a copy of The Purpose-Driven Life than read it.

10 Things That Make Me Happy

HT: Tracey

In no particular order.

01.) Daniel. He is the light of my life.
02.) Jon. We’ve been together for 10 years now, married for almost 8 of them.
03.) Smoking Gun: World’s Dumbest
04.) My cats. They’re my fur-kids.
05.) Iced vanilla lattés.
06.) My family.
07.) Lipton’s Pureleaf Raspberry Tea.
08.) Blogging.
09.) Facebook. Pathetic, I know.
10.) Crocheting.

Yes, I know I didn’t mention my faith. That one is assumed.

Massive Faith Questionaire

Blame Lauren and Pisco for this:


1. What is your general religious background? Cathepiscobaptilutheran.

2. Have you read the Bible in its entirety? I probably have come close if I haven’t already.

3. Do you think it is absolutely necessary for a Christian to have read the entire Bible? Why?Â? I think every Christian should but I think it’s a lifetime goal kind of thing.

4. Do you think it is necessary for a Christian to memorize scriptures? Why? I think one should know key verses and what they say as a means of apologetics.

5. Do you personally enjoy the New Testament or Old Testament more? There are parts of both that I enjoy though I have to admit that I’m much more familiar with the New Testament.

Christians: (Your questions are hard; I am such a mean person. Good luck.)

1. What branch and/or denomination do you affiliate yourself with? ELCA — Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (the hippie Lutherans)

2. Do you regularly memorize Scripture? Depends on the Scripture

â???? Do you memorize well-known verses or anything at all?Â? Yes… if only because I used to force my Confirmation kids to do it.

3. Are you familiar enough with the Bible to find something if you need to, or point someone to what they need?Â? I’m so good that parishioners just stare at me.

4. Do you know the general differences between orthodox and evangelical Christianity? (I use the terms fairly loosely in this context, but Protestant vs. Roman Catholic, or Non-denominational vs. mainstream Protestant, for example.)Â? I know them intimately enough to nitpick when one tries to kvetch about how the other isn’t Christian enough.

5. Are you familiar with scriptural texts that may not be included in your personal Bible? (i.e. apocryphal or deuterocanonical books.)Â? Probably not as familiar as I should be, given my theological education.

â???? Should they be in your Bible?Â? Yes.

â???? Did you know the criteria for Biblical canon centered around two main categoriesâ???? whether the book was inspired by God or whether it was useful to the church? So, in theory, some books may have been inspired by God, but were found useless, so not included in canon. Does this fact bother you?Â? In terms of the Apocrypha, no.Â? In terms of the Gnostic gospels, I feel that they didn’t pass the litmus test because the Holy Spirit hasn’t used them for the last 1950 years to enlighten and guide the church, not to mention many of them have some doctrinal issues.

6. Do you trust that your personal Bible is sufficient for study, either based upon translation, or based upon trusting the people who put together canon? (If youâ????re Protestant, you have less books than Catholic or Eastern Orthodox churches. Do you trust that? If youâ????re Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, you have books in your Bible that were not accepted by the early church. Do you trust this?)Â? I do.Â? Again, my belief is that the Holy Spirit has used the canon to guide and illuminate the Church for 1950 years and I can deal with that.

â???? Letâ????s use Luther as a symbol for a moment. Luther was key to the Protestant Reformation and is credited as a symbol of Protestantism today. He, along with others, changed the Church. Luther questioned the authenticity of Hebrews, (absolutely crucial toward understanding current evangelical belief system) James, Jude and Revelations, probably because they were not accepted as canon by the early church. What do you think of this?Â? That he was trying to be faithful and discern what was necessary and what was adiaphora.

â???? How about the fact that Luther believed in the real presence of the Eucharist/Communion/Lordâ????s Supper? (And much of Protestantism does not.)Â? Given that the Lutheran Church did not magically descend from heaven in 1517 and we have a history with the ROMAN Church (sorry… I’m a small “c” Catholic because I’m all about the universal Church of Christ on earth), I’m chill that he believed that.Â? Luther was originally a Catholic priest and he DID pray the rosary daily.

7. Do you know the differences between modern English translations of the Bible?Â? Enough to nitpick.Â? 🙂

â???? What translation(s) of the Bible do you use?Â? It depends on what I’m doing.Â? To read Psalms, I love the KJV.Â? For most Scripture quotes, I use the NKJV or the NASB.Â? The Bible I have for study is the NRSV that I have left over from seminary.

8. Do you participate in liturgy? What do you think of Church Tradition compared to Scripture?Â? I LOVE liturgy and wish that Jon’s current parish was more liturgical.Â? Given that all parts of liturgy are based on Scripture and said Church tradition refers to the Didache which is seriously EARLY Church, I’m down with it.Â?Â? With regard to tradition, it depends on what the background of the tradition is.

9. Do you believe Christians today should study Church history?Â? YES –Â? both Eastern and Western Church History.Â? (Can you tell that I’m a Church historian at heart?)

PC Speech Has a Time and Place

Last night, I did a meme on MySpace where you filled in X’s regarding statements that fit you and it determined a fake ethnicity for you. One of my friends from college (who is bi-racial) was the one who originally posted it and I went along with it for giggles. Well… apparently someone on my friends-list didn’t like it and commented about how they found it offensive and that we don’t need these vast assumptions and generalizations.


On the one hand, I agree with them because a lot of the statements were stereotypical (i.e. the Irish ones had to do with liking beer, liking the color green, and going to St. Paddy’s Day parties) but… on the other hand, it was a meme for fun and I took it as such.Â? I commented back, saying that their opinion was duly noted and I understood their point even though I disagreed.

Later,Â? I was watching “Celebrity Fit Club” (yes, I know some of you have moral and ethical issues with the show) and one of the contestants this season is Dustin Diamond who played “Screech” on “Saved by the Bell”.Â? He is trying to distance himself from “Screech” and is just being an absolute jerk in the process.Â? The other 7 cast members support each other despite the fact that the teams are men vs. women — Dustin, on the other hand, just rips people apart.Â? He got all bothered because he was talking about his pr0n tape at dinner during the second fitcamp and people weren’t paying attention to him alone.Â? Yeah… sorry but a meal is not the time nor the place to discuss these things.Â? He ended up just cursing everybody out and he’s threatening to quit the show next episode.Â? My thought: good freaking riddance.

So… back to the subject line, which occasion is the more appropriate time for PC speech: a blog which all of 10 people read and is passworded or… a televised gathering over a meal?Â? Ideally, the answer is both places but the televised gathering is the more realistic answer.Â? Not to mention… people don’t HAVE to read my MySpace blog — it’s not like I really ever post there.

I would love to be able to say “if you don’t like it, don’t read it” but that would be wrong for some unexplained reason.Â? All I know is this: there is a time and place for politically-correct speech and that meme post was not either of them.