7 Quick Takes: Back to School Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Seriously? Dr. Laura insulted David Hogg (one of the Parkland students) for being rejected by 4 schools. Other Republicans have followed suit.

Nobody has bothered to mention that the two California schools that rejected him have low acceptance rates, even for in-state students. (UCLA’s is 18% and CSULB is 33%.)

Seriously y’all, LEAVE THESE KIDS ALONE. Calling them names and mocking them in the press is childish behavior.

— 2 —

Back to school. Spring Quarter started on Tuesday and I had my first “on-ground” class (as opposed to “online”) on Wednesday morning. It’s an instructor I hadn’t taken any classes from because I challenged her other two classes this year; but it was very enjoyable and I kind of wish I had her for some of my other classes instead of that particular instructor.

Daniel is on Spring Break at the moment and having a cranky day, so I’m only working on homework intermittently. I’ve got this week’s work done for my Integrated Projects class already and am digging into Word II.

— 3 —

No longer a lazy bum. I got recruited as a tutor for my department last quarter and am now the sole tutor as the other one (who also happens to be a dear friend) graduated. I went and saw one of my bosses to set my schedule for drop-in tutoring and have been asked by another group on campus to tutor as well. I’m going to be keeping busy for sure!

— 4 —

Grumping. Last quarter, I had a classmate who complained about not understanding the course material while refusing to do any of the book work or online tutorials. Said classmate decided to complain about this to the instructor in person. (My instructor is endlessly patient and will move heaven and earth to help her students succeed, so we were all sitting there figuratively eating popcorn while watching her take my classmate to task for this.) My instructor is now making the online tutorials mandatory for us this quarter, and we’re thinking that it is in response to this classmate. This is irritating for me because it adds one more thing onto my homework load, but at least my instructor gave us a way to speed through them if we already know what we’re doing.

— 5 —

Dying of teh cutes! I’m an apex predator, darn it. Stop squeeing at me!

— 6 —

This why my face will be clawed off someday… I seriously want to smoosh my face into his tummy.

— 7 —

Fine. More cutes. Because it’s traditional to celebrate the Easter Octave with cat videos.

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