7 Quick Takes: Tutoring Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

A start to tutoring. I started doing drop-in tutoring two hours a day on Monday… AND WAS RUN OFF MY FEET FOR TWO HOURS!!!!! It was freaking **AWESOME**!!! Granted, it’s the first full week of classes so much of what I was doing was helping people get oriented to Canvas and to their classes; but I honestly loved every minute of it.

— 2 —

Your reason is invalid. When older adults (let’s say late 50’s on up) tell me that they’re too old to use Facebook/learn computers, I tell them about my aunt Jean (technically, my great-aunt — she’s my grandma’s younger sister) who is a world-renowned expert on ornamental chickens, is on Facebook, still living independently with her kitties, and who just turned 95 YEARS OLD yesterday. 🙂 When skills inventories come up on Facebook, she always comments to tell me that I am never too old to learn some new skills… so get cracking!

Happy birthday, Aunt Jean! I love you!

— 3 —

Lynx love. Nice kitty…

— 4 —

Integrated Projects. I’m taking a class called “Integrated Projects” this quarter where we get to do projects involving the use of a bunch of Microsoft applications together. All of my classmates (at least the ones I’m blessed to see in person these days) love it and feel like it’s the class where we get to “play”.

— 5 —

Cuteness overload. Dying.

— 6 —

Because Maru!

— 7 —

More Maru.

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