7 Quick Takes — Whine and Maybe Some Cheese

7 Quick Takes

Hopefully, I’m at the Sacramento Zoo as most of you are reading this and we haven’t had to cancel again due to weather. The Sacramento Zoo trip is on!


I got my flu shot on Wednesday. (I also keep being tempted to add an “e” to flu.) It was my annual exam and they were already doing unpleasant things to me so I figured that one more wasn’t going to make the occasion any less wonderful. At least mine is out of the way now and I can focus on making sure that Jon and Daniel (especially Mr. No-Immune-System-To-Speak-Of) get theirs.


I probably could have avoided going in for my annual exam. One of the FNP’s at the practice (which is huge — 12 providers) had called in a year of refills on my birth control pills. (We’ve been through this.) The only reason I’m so good about going in for my annual exam is so that said doctor will refill my birth control. After all, I believe that I should be monitored by a doctor if I’m going to be on a medication like that. It was so tempting though to cancel the appointment because the refills were called in anyway… (Can you tell how much I hate my annual exam?)


I hate Lion Brand Homespun yarn. If the super-secret project(s) I’m working on didn’t call for it, it would still be in its bin at Michael’s. The only benefit is that it crochets up relatively fast. (I’d post pictures except that people close to the recipients read my blog and I don’t want the secret to get out.) My doctor did also criticize my mad crocheting skillz.


Crocheting with fibromyalgia is an adventure. I have a prayer team dedicated to praying for my joints as I work on these projects. So far, I’ve been amazingly lucky and the arthritis in my right thumb isn’t messing with things too much. I have to be aware of what I’m doing as far as my wrists, fingers, and elbows but my thumb has behaved.


I still haven’t caught an episode of The Biggest Loser this season. Tuesday has become NCIS night for me and I’m too addicted to switch. I’ve been meaning to catch The Biggest Loser online but haven’t yet. Uff da!


I have a strange craving for Brie on crackers. (I needed some cheese with my whine, right?) Seriously, I do crave Brie right now. I could theoretically pick some up at Trader Joe’s (along with some crackers) but I haven’t because I don’t usually think of it while I’m there. There’s also the lactose-intolerance issue and the fact that it would probably cause some major IBS issues.


I’m craving stinky cheese in general. If I had my druthers and could eat anything in the world without gaining a pound or adding to my liver damage, I’d be noshing on some Pub Cheese and vegetable chips from Trader Joe’s. *sighs*

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes — Whine and Maybe Some Cheese

  1. WHAT? Stinky cheese??? You won’t believe me, but I JUST had brie and a blue cheese on ak-mak crakers (coutesy of Trader Joe’s) Good cheese=love to my husband

    by the way- at the end of October we might be up your way- does ‘Fairy Tale Land ‘ still exist?

  2. 1. No one likes their annual exam!
    2. I also hate crocheting with Homespun yarn and I don’t have fibromyalgia!
    3. Hopefully next week you’ll be onto a new snack. Like pickles!

  3. ayearinskirts, i’ve found that male doctors tend to be a bit more gentle than the women are. this has at least been my experience in the last two years.

  4. If you have time, check out Hulu to get caught up on The Biggest Loser. I always go there when I have a conflict with my tv schedule! Plus, it makes folding laundry way better. 🙂

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