7 Quick Takes: Only 5 This Week

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Greater Church if Lucifer opening. A friend put this on her wall and commented on the nature of them calling themselves a “church”. I’m truthfully more amused by the $25 catered luncheon. Apparently, Satanists now have the sensibilities of Episcopal church women or something. I would have expected alcohol and debauchery for them, not a catered affair.

— 2 —

Travel. Daniel has a long weekend so he and I are road-tripping to San Jose from Friday to Monday. I’d love prayers for good traveling mercies on our way if you are so inclined.

— 3 —

Update on Kim Davis/Pope Francis. I think I called it. It’s a pity when people play stupid games like this.

— 4 —

Speaking of stupid… I actually had someone cite this study to me. The scary thing: I could have refuted the SafeMinds people as a sophomore taking high school chemistry.

Neil Degrasse Tyson on science.

— 5 —

In case you missed it… At the neurology appointment on Monday, we found out that Daniel’s autism is genetic (he has some duplications in genes on a couple chromosomes and a deletion in a gene on another one) which means that I can actually tell people that his autism is *NOT* due to us immunizing him for MMR and that their argument is invalid.

That’s it for this week — I’m a bit distracted and have also run out of things to say!

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