7 Quick Takes: Trying to Come Up With These At 1 A.M.

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Temperature afghan update. I’ve gotten a few more stripes added. I’m still about 2 weeks behind but if I can get some sit-down time this weekend, I should be able to rectify that pretty quickly after my switch to straight double crochet. The big thing is remembering to get the high temperature off of Weather Underground daily!

The current state of the temperature afghan.

— 2 —

The sitch with the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. Unlike what the Washington Post article said, the Episcopal Church did *NOT* get kicked out of the Anglican Communion. (The body who would decide that sort of thing was not meeting at the time. Seriously, what is it with the mainstream media and getting religious doctrine and polity issues wrong?) If you want a decent article that does a good job of addressing the nuances of what happened, read this one.

— 3 —

Srsly?!?!?!? When I went downtown on Wednesday to curate the exhibit file for Daniel’s SSI appeal, my file was locked in the office of someone who was out for the day so I had effectively wasted my time. I was standing on the light rail platform calling my mom to let her know I’d be home in about 30 minutes when a gentleman walked by and decided to comment on my sighing, chastising me for expressing my displeasure and telling me that God was here in that space at that time. When I told him that I believed in God, he responded that if I did, I wouldn’t be sighing.


OK… my belief in God is separate from the fact that the ODAR office downtown just wasted my time. Also, dude might not want to INTERRUPT A PHONE CALL next time he wants to correct someone’s religious beliefs.

— 4 —

It’s that time of year again! My “Pick Jen’s Lenten Discipline” competition will be starting tomorrow or Saturday or whenever I have the time to create the post and put up the Rafflecopter. I’ll update this take with the link as soon as I have it. It’s here.

— 5 —

Thing I’m Not Doing in 2016 #1 I am not giving up coffee for Lent. My kiddo is having sleep issues and I’m already puking from sleep deprivation.

— 6 —

Thing I’m Not Doing in 2016 #2 I am not reading the Bible over the course of a year. I did this last year and while I’m thankful I did, I’m happy to be able to switch around between a bunch of different devotional reading sources.

— 7 —

Thing I’m Not Doing in 2016 #3 I am not giving up gluten unless I actually have to do it on doctor’s orders for my health. I did this in October and had a heck of a time with it.

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