7 Quick Takes: St. Patrick’s Breastplate, the Faith of John Kasich, and Other Findings From The Web This Week

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

St. Patrick’s Breastplate. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all! I thought I’d share the hymn form of St. Patrick’s Breastplate as it is a beautiful (but VERRRRRY long) hymn. Click here to read the whole prayer which is also quite long but very pretty.

— 2 —

Something penitential for meat eaters for today. šŸ™‚ It’s not Friday so technically observant Catholics, Episcopalians, and some Lutherans aren’t having to abstain from meat… unless you went vegan like I did. I’m Irish-American, did my senior comps in college on Celtic Christianity, and have kissed the Blarney Stone so I’m treating today as a feast and *gasp* eating meat and having dairy. (Sorry, Laura.) As a penitential act for today (since, you know, I’m being a heathen and all), I’m listening to all of the videos on here, especially #6 and #7.

— 3 —

I knew there was a reason I kinda sorta like John Kasich. It turns out that boyfriend is Anglican and shares my view that it’s obnoxious to try and win votes using God’s name. I would rather see positive spiritual fruit in one’s life than have someone claim to be one on national television and see the opposite in how they treat people. (Ahem… Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.) I love also that Kasich is focused on living out Matthew 25 and not just on winning political office. It makes a difference to ne and this is why he would be the only Republican in the race for whom I would consider voting.

— 4 —

My scars are signs of life. A bunch of men and women bared their scars for everyone to see and explained the story of them. Mine would only all be visible if I was wearing a string bikini so we’ll just skip my c-section scar reveal even though that story is worth telling. Still, the account of each scar is worth a read and the video is worth a watch.

— 5 —

Passover Rube Goldberg-style. This is pretty amazing and would be a good tool to teach kids about the Passover story. Props to priest’s wife for sharing it with me on Facebook!

— 6 —

Why many women are skittish around men. This is a good read about why many women like me have no sense of humor when men make sexually-driven comments. Seriously, it pisses me off that I have to weave my keys between my fingers if I’m walking on the street to my car after dark in case someone decides to assault me.

— 7 —

Why victim-blaming falls apart. Two girls from Peru were traveling to Ecuador and were brutally murdered by two men they met, their bodies found several days later in plastic bags. In the midst of all the people decrying what happened were the people who were blaming the girls for their murder, saying that they put themselves at risk. A student from Paraguay thought this was incredibly wrong and wrote an account in the voices of the victims.

I share this because it pisses me off to no end that if I were to get raped, the first question would be “what were you wearing?” When we were doing the required self-defense class in high school so that we could fight off rapists and attackers, nobody ever mentioned teaching the boys not to rape. I shouldn’t have to be worried about walking down the street by myself or that some man is going to be turned on by what I’m wearing and decide to assault me. I mean, I have more than a few friends who were wearing a t-shirt and sweats when they were sexually assaulted!

We have a serious problem in our society when the victims of a crime receive blame than the person who committed the crime against them.

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