The Simple Woman’s Daybook: March 20, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY March 20, 2016

Outside my window… dark. It was cloudy and around 71F earlier today. We had a couple sprinkles in my area and I think there was some rain in the hills.

I am thinking… that I’ll be happy with some more rain to tamp down the pollen. Everyone in the house who is awake is having to lie back propped up on pillows because we’re all coughing from allergies.

I am thankful… for a chance to be a reader for the Passion reading at the end of worship today. I did well enough that my priest is going to put me in the rotation to be a lector. Woohoo!!!

In the kitchen… my dad made steak tonight and it was incredibly tender. So good.

I am wearing… charcoal v-neck and black sweats. (I’m lying in bed in my jammies.)

I am going… to Target tomorrow for my prescriptions and some more cough drops!

I am wondering… when Jahi McMath’s family is going to accept that she is not going to wake up. I remember when her case happened in Oakland 2 years ago — there were pediatric intensive care specialists from all over northern California who were brought in to do tests (three who were not affiliated at all with the hospital) and all of them declared her brain dead. If they were to take her off of life support, she would be dead in a very short period of time. Her mom is arguing that her kid has the same rights as any other disabled kid and I understand her argument; but her “disability” isn’t the same as a kid who has cerebral palsy or Tay-Sachs or a kid who just needs oxygen at night. The machines are breathing for her and keeping her alive and at a prohibitively high cost of care. (Seriously, I don’t know how her family is affording that level of care.) It would be nore merciful to just her go gently into this good night… and I say this as someone who has had to sign paperwork for ECMO and who has watched their kid code.

I am reading… Calmness by His Holiness Pope Shenouda III. I’m only at about 20% completion so my Holy Week is going to involve a bit of reading!

I am hoping… this bleeping cough goes away!

I am looking forward to… quiet tomorrow while Daniel is at school.

I am hearing… my dad knocking on my bedroom door. He just handed me a bag of Ricola and told me to start sucking on those because obviously my cough drops aren’t doing squat for me!

A Daniel story for today… Kiddo ended up with contact dermatitis as a result of playing on grass in shorts for a long time on Friday. The hives are better but I feel so bad for the kid that it even happened!

Around the house… people trying to go to sleep. So far, I think only my mom and Daniel have succeeded!

A favorite quote for today… “If you’d like to experience a profound #passionlive, please attend a local Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, or other church for the Triduum.” — a tweet from Rev. Laurie Brock while she was live-tweeting “The Passion”

One of my favorite things… my parents’ grey cat Homer who was asleep on my bed up until a few minutes ago. (He had appointments…)

A few plans for the rest of the week: errands tomorrow, collateral services meeting on Tuesday, Morning Prayer with Stations of the Cross on Wednesday, possibly Maundy Thursday worship on Thursday (I would have to bring the kid and it’s during his bedtime), Good Friday worship at noon on Friday, and Easter Vigil on Saturday.

A peek into my day… regardless of whether or not you believe in evolution, this is an interesting video.

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