{five favorites}: Miscellanea (LXIV)



This good news. A species of starfish that was dying off has made a rebound. Given that they’re a keystone species and they predict the health of the ocean, this is amazing news.


Tuesday being over. A psych appointment for Daniel, errands, a massive meltdown over Daniel’s communication issues… I was happy to go to sleep and end the day.


Prescription sunglasses. Mine have disappeared and I’m really missing them today as I’m fighting a fibromyalgia flare-up and migraine.


The DMV counter at my local AAA office. If you live in certain states (California being one of them) and you’re a AAA member, you can go to your local AAA office to register your car, renew your driver’s license, and do a couple other DMV tasks. I was able to go in and put my car in my name and it only took 5 minutes compared to the hours I would have spent at the DMV.


Grey kitties with tummies. My parents’ cat Homer is rolling around on the patio exposing his tummy. It is very soft and he is purring. He is a wonderful “loaner cat” for me. (He also loves Daniel.)

Go love up Bonnie and the others.