The Simple Woman’s Daybook: October 16, 2016

For Today…

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… cloudy and windy with temps in the low 50’s. We missed getting hit with the worst of the big storm last night but we’ve still got some of the winds from it blowing.

I am thinking… about my Practical Accounting test tomorrow and the Excel work to get done before Wednesday.

I am thankful… we didn’t lose power last night or have any of the big trees in the yard fall on the house like it was predicted to happen.

One of my favorite things… calm nights where I can listen to music and chill.

I am wearing… chocolate brown shirt from Fred Meyer and jeans from Kohl’s. Church clothes were my burgundy Old Navy shirt and my black slacks/black cardigan from Kohl’s with my trusty black flats.

I am creating… a folder for the student files for this chapter of Excel. (We have database files that we play with as we work through the chapter.)

I am listening to… the wind outside.

I am hoping… my glasses arrive from Firmoo soon and that they do in fact fit and look good on me.

I am learning… about maintaining workbooks in Excel and adjustments in Practical Accounting.

In my kitchen… I think chicken cacciatore is on the menu tonight.

In the school room… Daniel has school pictures on Wednesday so I need to schedule in a haircut for him in the next two days.

Post Script… I was greatly amused by this during the last debate.

Shared Quote… I thought this was awesome.

My new motto.

A moment from my day… I had the song “I’ll Tell Me Ma” in my head last night and found a cool version by Dr. Eric Jones that involves body percussion. The original song is on top and the Eric Jones version is on the bottom.

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